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Left Out

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Left Out is a mish-mash game run by JDodge. The first edition ran in March 2009, lasting about two weeks with Juls as the winner. An aborted second edition followed, but a more successful second round is currently running, over 6 years after the first. The format is very simple: the first round consists of a public vote to decide the first keyholder, then the elimination ceremonies begin. At each elimination ceremony, players select other players to save from elimination one-by-one, with the last person safe becoming the first keyholder for the next ceremony (and thus being immune from elimination for TWO rounds).

Left Out

Left Out started on March 19, 2009, and ended on March 31 with Juls being crowned as the winner.

Ceremony 1 Ceremony 2 Ceremony 3 Ceremony 4 Ceremony 5 Ceremony 6 Ceremony 7 Ceremony 8 Ceremony 9 Finale
First Place Juls dahill1 pickemgenius farside22 -- Juls farside22 crywolf20084 farside22 Juls
Second Place Cybele Juls Cay Cybele -- KaleiÐoscøpe KaleiÐoscøpe Juls Juls farside22
Third Place farside22 Cybele SensFan crywolf20084 -- farside22 Juls farside22 crywolf20084
Fourth Place animorpherv1 farside22 KaleiÐoscøpe pickemgenius -- crywolf200084 crywolf20084 KaleiÐoscøpe
Fifth Place KaleiÐoscøpe KaleiÐoscøpe animorpherv1 SensFan -- pickemgenius pickemgenius
Sixth Place SensFan animorpherv1 Cybele KaleiÐoscøpe -- SensFan
Seventh Place crywolf20084 SensFan crywolf20084 Juls Cybele (Quit)
Eighth Place pickemgenius crywolf20084 farside22 animorpherv1
Ninth Place stark pickemgenius dahill1
Tenth Place dahill1 stark
Eleventh Place skitzer

Left Out 2015

Started on May 18, 2015. Contains two returning players from the first game, fifth-place finisher pickemgenius and third-place finisher crywolf20084.

Ceremony 1 Ceremony 2 Ceremony 3 Ceremony 4 Ceremony 5 Ceremony 6 Ceremony 7 Ceremony 8 Ceremony 9 Finale
First Place scotmany12 D3f3nd3r Flameaxe Blackberry D3f3nd3r xRECKONERx Feirei scotmany12 Flameaxe Flameaxe
Second Place pickemgenius Blackberry Feirei pickemgenius Feirei scotmany12 pickemgenius pickemgenius scotmany12 scotmany12
Third Place xofelf xRECKONERx xRECKONERx Flameaxe Flameaxe Flameaxe Flameaxe Flameaxe pickemgenius
Fourth Place Flameaxe pickemgenius D3f3nd3r xRECKONERx pickemgenius pickemgenius scotmany12 Feirei
Fifth Place JDGA scotmany12 xofelf scotmany12 scotmany12 Feirei xRECKONERx
Sixth Place Feirei xofelf scotmany12 Feirei xRECKONERx D3f3nd3r
Seventh Place crywolf20084 crywolf20084 pickemgenius D3f3nd3r Blackberry
Eighth Place xRECKONERx Feirei Blackberry xofelf
Ninth Place Blackberry Flameaxe crywolf20084
Tenth Place D3f3nd3r JDGA
Eleventh Place McMenno