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Kingmaker (game)

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  • Kingmaker
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  • Anonymous
Notes: Can have any number of players.

Kingmaker is a Mafia variant with substantially different Voting rules, and is usually medievally themed. One townie is the Kingmaker, who chooses a new king each day. The King decides (on his own) who will be "eliminated" each day. Other player's votes do not (officially) matter for the purposes of deciding who is eliminated.


  • The Kingmaker chooses two players for Kingship: a main and backup selection. If the main selection is killed, the backup choice becomes king.
  • The selected King ends the day with EXECUTE (player). Don't do this if you're not the King.
  • The Kingmaker must choose a new, different King each night. Repeat Kings aren't allowed until there are five or fewer players left.
  • If the Kingmaker is executed, a new Kingmaker arises out of the loyal villagers and chooses a King for the next day. If the Kingmaker is killed at night, a new Kingmaker similarly arises but the old Kingmaker's final choice is used for the next day.
  • If a deadline is used and the King does not execute anyone before the deadline, the King will be executed when the town grows tired of his incompetence! No Elimination is not an option.

Role PMs


You are a loyal villager that is trying to help the kingdom rid themselves of Assassins! You have no real power right now, but you may try to influence the King to make sure he chooses Assassins to execute, and if the Kingmaker decides you're a good choice for King, you may end up executing some Assassins yourself! You win with the VILLAGE.


You are the newest member of a secret organization that looks out for the realm and makes sure that a good monarch, and not an Assassin, rules to land! While the last hundred years have been rough for your order (dodging the Kings' evil soldiers, that sort of thing), your order has finally found a new opportunity to bring light to the Kingdom again! Every night, you may send me two choices for King, one as your main choice and one as your backup in case the main choice dies. But be careful; some of your choices may end up being Assassins, and they're not going to be very helpful to your village's cause... So choose wisely! Also, since Assassins keep vigilant watch of the village to find the Kingmaker, you will be in mortal danger if you ever reveal or even hint at your role. You win with the VILLAGE!


You are the Hero of the village! After a long campaign of fighting dragons in distant lands and having sex with beautiful princesses after you rescue them from those dragons, you've returned to your hometown to retire. The town loves you and will fight fiercely to make sure you are not executed! In fact, if the King decides to kill you, the village will rise up in protest of the corrupt King and kill him instead! However, this ability isn't very useful if you're not executed, so you should probably stay quiet about what you can do. Also, Assassins will likely try and kill you above anyone else, so that's another good incentive to stay quiet. Once revealed as the Hero, you may not become King of the realm. You win with the VILLAGE!


You are a member of a band of Assassins that have secretly ruled the Kingdom for 100 years. You and your Assassin partner, OtherGuy, recently learned that a new Kingmaker has risen up among the townsfolk, and that he is appointing Kings in an attempt to rid your band from the Kingdom! The two of you must work together to defeat the Kingmaker's efforts before you are eliminated, and may plan together outside of this thread. Each night, the two of you may choose a target to kill. Also, there is a chance the Kingmaker may pick you or your brother as King, so try to look like a good little villager. You win with the ASSASSINS!