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The most common killing roles in Mafia games are, of course, the Mafia or other Scum. However there are a variety of other roles with similar abilities:

  • Vigilante: The Vigilante is a killer on the Town side who can either choose to kill every night, or choose to kill a certain number of times during the game, depending on the variation.
    • Army Veteran: This Pro-Town player has a gun and can make one night kill during the game.
  • Serial Killer: The Serial Killer is a lone Scum, attempting to exterminate all other players no matter what faction they are in.
    • Arsonist: The Arsonist is a Serial Killer with a 50% chance of killing. Frequently this role is paired with a Fireman trying to stop him.
    • Cannibal/Psychopath: A type of Serial Killer, frequently paired with an investigative role trying to catch him. Psychopaths can sometimes be healed by a Psychiatrist or other healing roles; Cannibals are sometimes being chased by an FBI Agent.
  • Assassin (DP-version): This version of the Assassin is a regular Mafia member who can make one daytime kill during the game.
  • Bomb: A player with the Bomb role usually kills their attacker when targeted for a night kill.