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Kill Everyone Mafia

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  • Kill Everyone Mafia
Setup Size:
  • 7
Setup Type:

Kill Everyone Mafia is a 7-player Open Setup devised by callforjudgement.


The following roles are used:


The game uses standard mafia rules, with the following exceptions and details:

  • Scum can NK each other if they want to.
  • Scum win if all players die simultaneously.
  • The game only ends when one faction has no chance of victory; merely equalling the town's numbers is not enough for scum to win.
  • The game thread is open during Night, so that town can coordinate nightkills if the entire scumteam decides to pile onto a quicklynch.



While not mathematically broken, there are several possible day 1 outcomes that lead to the setup becoming highly unbalanced very quickly (the most balanced is probably a no-lynch, with either a scum lynch or a town lynch causing problems). As such, it is incredibly swingy, and running this setup may be a bad idea.

The 2:1 ending is also screwy; if scum vote first, then after the lack of quickhammer confirms the non-voted player as town, town can no-lynch and have the players in the 1v1 vig each other for the town win (with the third player staying out). Thus, scum can't vote first, and town have a 50:50 chance to win if they vote for scum (if there's no quickhammer, that's a win; there's no need to convince the other townie).