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In ancient scum mythology, Kanna was said to be a Mason Deity, striking fear over all with her townposting and obvtown vibes.

Kanna entered the mafiascum scene at the peak of 2019. Mafia was booming, and there were several players that stood a neighbourhood ahead of the rest. TrueSoulEnergy, northisdegal, AaronFuckingFrost, and skitter. These are the players that had been dominating the scene for the last few years. Kanna only had one thing on her mind: She would surpass the lot of them come the new year.

In her first game, she rolled a mediocre vanilla town. This wouldn't do for Kanna. She recalled back on the training she had undertook in Club Penguin chatrooms back in the 90s, and became One With The Town. On page 5, the moderator had felt compelled enough to promote her to a Town Mason. Scum!Skitter stood no chance, and her lynch marked the first signs of Kanna's townspewing over the forums.

In her second game, she replaced into an incredibly scummy slot. The predecessor looked as if they'd been training their whole life to hang, and several townies had already faked hard guilties on them - this was the extent of the town's confidence. Just another day at the office for Kanna. She took that game by the scruff of the neck, exuding town like lynchee had never done before. By her 1st post, people's scumreads on the slot had turned into scumleans. By the 2nd, they were townleaning her. By the 3rd, she was regarded as an Innocent Child.

Already, fear was brewing all over the site, and moderators everywhere were making setups incredibly scumsided, just in case Kanna decided to /in. Little did they know, that this was only the beginning.

"I once saw Kanna catch the scumteam without posting once because they didn't realise she was V/LA. They were so paranoid of what she was scheming that they just conceded." - Hectic

"I just sheep Kanna whenever she votes for me. I mean, there's no way I'm not getting lynched at that point so why even waste time?" - Hoctic