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New player, stumbled on the site through MTGSalvation and plays here and there. Some IRL experience, just getting used to it online. Learning that committing to too many games is a bad, bad thing. Fairly serious magic player, solidly at the PT-wannabe level (for limited, around 1900 rating IRL, around 1800 on MTGO). Also board game fanatic. I'll basically play whatever, if I can be convinced it's balanced and engaging.

MTGS Games

Newbie 16 - Town win
Smoked this one pretty hardcore, won on night 2, but scum played terribly. The two experienced scum replaced out, got replaced by newer, inexperienced players. All three scum made bad claims, and got lynched/vigged for them. Almost a perfect game for town.
1001 Nights - Town loss
This one was painful. We had it locked up as town, all other possiblities eliminated except for one, but we're in lylo. GiftsTrix suddenly decides he's suspicious of someone else, votes the other remaining townie, and game over. This one taught me never to trust stupid townies in the endgame, even when everything is clear and completely proven.
Cat Mafia - Mafia loss
This one was just terrible play for me, first time as a GF. Props to Alx2, who almost pulled it out for us.
Miller's Crossing - Mafia win
This was a effectively a masons game, with 3 masons and 3 scum. We got one of the masons early, and when we massclaimed, Goatrevolt falseclaimed cop and we managed to ride that to our final lynch. We got kinda lucky in this one, as the town never quite figured out what was going on with the mason setup, but I think we worked it pretty well. First perfect win and first scum win.
24: The Salvation Code - Mafia win (conspirators)
This one was really interesting, took a long time. It was essentially a double mafia game, but the structure was interesting, because there was no night and all actions occurred during the day, somewhat in real time (each rl day was a 10 minute chunk, three hours was a game day, fast forward to next game day once a lynch occured). My team was carrion pigeons (who played excellently, although he tried to push some bad decisions), Phayt/Cubus (Cubus played decently, although his claim was terrible), and J-effe IV (kind of a dual scum/survivor). My play wasn't amazing, but I did recognize how important it was to kill the town vigs, which were really the town's only chance of winning. Anyhow, neat experimental game, and Arimnaes did an amazing job modding as well as balancing.
WarHammer 40,000 Mafia - Mafia loss
Mediocre game, around the time I stopped caring. I did find it funny when I came back to it that the idea I was pushing for early on that got me lynched was correct, about the Eldar actually being anti-town.
Led Zeppelin Mafia - Town win
This was around when I came back to mafia at MTGS. Very mediocre game, scum played terribly, town had a million investigation roles, and there were lots of weird, annoying neutrals. I did manage to get lynched basically for being an ass tho, probably shouldn't do that with weaker players.
Basic #11 - Pirate/Ninja Mafia - Town win
Being a basic, it wasn't terribly complicated. I'll admit I am fairly attracted to basics because the simplicity of the roles allows one to focus on the game itself instead of meta arguments, but this was pretty easy to peg newb scum at. Pleased that I pegged the scum pretty early, and earned an NK for making the right arguments. Was a mason, and the partner carried the flag effectively after the fact. Props to lrd for a strong scum game.
Interdimensional Fleet Mafia - Town loss
I do actually really hate the idea of trying to balance a game via protective power instead of investigative power. Strong scum roles, weak town roles, and just a poorly balanced game. As the town, we made fairly few mistakes and still lost, which was extremely frustrating.
Lord of the Rings II Mafia: In the Mines of Moria - Mafia win
Rough start on this one, with our newb scum being lynched days 1 and 2, but we managed to hit the cop night 1 and played a good, clean game all the way through the end. Very pleased w/ this one, this feels like the way playing well as scum should feel. Town was light on protective roles, but had one real investigative role and two limited ones, as well as multiple killing roles, so it felt well balanced. Scum did have a mass roleblock, though, which was really obscenely strong.
Joss Whedon Mafia - Town win
Interesting game, one of the most chaotic day 1's I've experienced recently. We progressed from a series claim to a nameclaim to a full massclaim, after the cop outed himself to nail the SK. Crazy stuff happened, including multiple false-false-claims by townies, but cooler heads prevailed and the correct people were lynched. I was actually thankful that I got to be a vanilla in this game, becase I got to stick around.
Duel Monsters Mafia - Town win
Bad start for the town, and not my strongest game, but I was a part of the three person mason team which basically won the game for us. TBH the scenario was pretty good for the town, and scum made quite a few serious mistakes in the endgame, but we made it out in the end.

Canada Mafia - Current, Alive


MTGS Stats

Games as mafia - (won/played) 3/5, (lynched/NK'd/survived) 2/0/3
Games as town - (won/played) 5/7, (lynched/NK'd/survived) 1/4/2
Games as neutral - none

All MTGS games (won/played) 8/12, (lynched/NK'd/survived) 3/4/5


Games as mafia - (won/played) 3/6, (lynched/NK'd/survived) 3/0/3
Games as town - (won/played) 6/11, (lynched/NK'd/survived) 2/7/2
Games as neutral - none

All games (won/played) 9/17, (lynched/NK'd/survived) 5/7/5

MafiaScum Games (Inactive)

Newbie 479 - Town Loss
Garnasha and Oman scum, Oman false-claims cop day 2 and there is no cop in the setup. Fingers me, and without counter-claim, he gets the lynch.
Mini 518 - Mafia Loss
Myself, Korlash, and Anata/Setael were scum. Things started out all right for the scum, but Korlash got caught in a lie and Adel pegged the scum almost as soon as she came into the thread. We decided to go for a cop gambit on day 4, as we had fallen under suspicion and a living cop likely meant game over for us. The gambit failed, as CKD was the cop, so we went down.
Newbie 497 - Town Win
Weird situation, but I actually played both scum and town this game. I started out town, got NK'd night 2, so I'm counting this as a win, but I actually replaced in for one of the newbs who dropped and ended up being scum. I put up a decent fight (I think), but was lynched to finish off the town (my town?) win based on his action. This was a very low activity game, quite dull, and the scum did not play terribly well. It was a mountainous scenario, which the scum should almost always, by all rights, win.
Newbie 555 - Town loss
A newbie town makes the mistake of putting someone at -1 for no reason, gets lynched, I get NK'd, other IC scum claims cop next day and town cop basically punts.
Mini 551 - Mafia - Mod abandoned
Absolutely terrible game, all rb's with a weird system of resolving rb's. Not unhappy that it died, the endgame would have been miserable.
Mini 568 - Town loss
I actually died, then replaced back in in this game, but we still lost. Mediocre game, this was when I kind of stopped caring about mafia for a bit.