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Information Instead of Analysis

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Information Instead of Analysis (IIoA) is a commonly used scumtell describing a player consistently posting summaries, setup speculation, and other content, but that doesn't critically analyze content to actually sort players and decide on an elimination. This behavior tends to indicate mafia members attempting to look active but are failing to fake genuine scumhunting.

This tell was codified in 2008 by Tarhalindur Standard Tells. Its definition evolved over the years but never phased out of common usage.


  • Posting long walls summarizing the game yet coming to no conclusions.
  • Performing what appears to be Post by Post Analysis on a player that really just amounts to listing things that player did, without explaining what is alignment-indicative about that player's actions.
  • Engaging in setup spec or drawn out mafia theory discussions while avoiding talking about who to eliminate.
  • Posting analysis unrelated to the game, or that doesn't come to conclusions about the game, i.e. walls of self-meta, or walls analyzing another player's meta in another game without tying it back to the game at hand.