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How to Not Mess Up as Town

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I'm new here and I've already seen some major town blunders in my games. This will be a chronicle of tips for town to not completely fail.

1) It's not unheard of for scum to be able to both act and kill in the same night. Scum Roleblockers actually have this power given to them in newbie games if they're the last scum.

2) Share your thoughts on how the game is going. If you have a widely contested read, do not hold it back as you are just hurting town. Trying to go with the crowd is a common scumtell, so presenting a widely contested read will probably give you townpoints.

3) DO NOT point out softing willy-nilly. After making the original version of this tip, I noted a lot of casual references of PR softs and crumbs.

4) Barring cop-clears (maybe not even then if the game is not Normal), ANYONE can be scum.

4a) Speaking of cop clears, cop clears are not a two way street. DO NOT assume a cop claim is real because they have you as town.

5) No lynching IS an option. Do it 1) if you are in MYLO and do not believe you can catch the scum that day or 2) when you believe a deadline lynch is on town and the flip is not telling of others alignments. Information is not always worth the life of an innocent.