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[[File:bee.gif|thumb|200px|"Hello there don't mind me I am just a lil bee♪"]]
<font size="6"><b>About Me</b></font> <br>
Hello! I am a moderately experienced player who still has a lot to learn. I consider my play style unique: Strongly gut oriented with a bit of other qualities. I love playing town, and can barely tolerate playing scum. Also I'm not always active in games I'm playing, but I try my best to be.<br><br>
<font size="6"><b>Completed Games</b></font> <br>
[ Newbie 1381 Oakhaven is Overrun] <br>
Role and alignment: Vanilla Town <br>
Comments: I was very rusty and tunneled a townie pretty hard during this game. I probably should have taken a step back and actually looked at the people I ignoring, but I find it hard to move on when the person I am focused on is not answering me. He also ended up being a jailkeeper, who was lynched at deadline without a claim. Not my finest moment. But in the end the town won anyways.<br>
On the other hand, I was considered obvious town by everyone. I guess that's something.
[ Micro 196: Cracking Idea Mafia]<br>
Role and alignment: Mafia Clairvoyant<br>
Comments: I didn't do much in this game, it was stacked hard against town. I actually wasn't informed that I had partners in this game until day 2, so that's part of the reason for how much I lurked here.
[ Newbie 1515: Old-Timey Mafia]<br>
Role and alignment: Mafia Goon<br>
Comments: A lot of people town read me this game for some reason. I feel though that our victory this game was mostly because we capitalized on bad town play, as day one involved lynching a self voting townie and day 2 we followed a townie's fake investigation on another townie. The others did a good job, and aren't really responsible for their loss. My partner Thesp also did a great job, as he managed the heat he was getting very well.
[ Micro 366: Vengeball]<br>
Role and alignment: Mafia Goon<br>
Comments: Lol, I did almost nothing in this game. Game lasted less than 2 days, town was quicklynched and shot another town, the opposite scum team were really obvious scum.. This game was an easy win.
[ Mini 1595: WiFom City: The Inquisition]<br>
Role and alignment: Benevolent Dame (Town)<br>
Comments: My reads were good here and people knew I was town. My day 2 lynch only occurred so I could give our cop an extra life. There were a lot of good players in this game I would love to play with again. And I think citrus did so well too and probably could have won if he didn't make a crucial mistake night 2. Also I really love this setup and definitely would play it again!
[ Open 568: Wolf Gang City (C18++)]<br>
Role and alignment: Vanilla Town<br>
Comments: I'm kinda mixed on my performance here. My reads were not particularly great until day 3, save the person I tunneled hard since my first post. I probably should have stuck to my original vote harder and not get caught up in my suspicions while completely ignoring others. At least I wasn't mislynched. We won in the end due to a very hilarious mistake by scum.
[ Mini 1608--Mafia on the Air]<br>
Role and alignment: Mafia Goon<br>
Comments: Wow I did terrible this game! I really did not enjoy reading any of day one (with a bunch of hydras fighting with each other and some other players who agitated me). My hatred of playing scum didn't help either. I waffled in thread and spent most of my time chatting in the scum QT about role/ third party hunting. I didn't have the urge to fight my lynch and was honestly kinda relieved when it happened. Though I am kinda sad that I ended up being a compromise lynch with no one pushing a hard case on me. Not that any of it mattered since we all lost to an out-of-game third party lol. <br>
The flavor was great in this game and I enjoyed watching how this game turned out. I probably wouldn't have figured any of it out though if I lived longer.
[ Mini 1611: Wet Fever Dream Mafia.]<br>
Role and alignment: Town Fruit Vendor<br>
Comments: I was wrong about everyone, people kept calling me scum, I did things I probably should not have... I was pretty bad here. I was however fairly active in this game, which is highly unusual for me. I attempted to break the setup several times, and it almost worked except for reinoe explicitly ignoring confirmed scum to hammer a townie at lylo. Otherwise we would have won! So the lesson learned is that you should really make sure you're okay with every player that joins into your games.
[ Mini 1617 - Mafia with a Twist 2]<br>
Role and alignment: Townie<br>
Comments: This game happened very quickly, but town did very well and won it! Most people leaned me towards town than scum, and the top two players of my submitted lynching list were scum, so I am a bit proud of my performance here.
[ Advance Wars UPick!]<br>
Role and alignment: Hachi(Town item vendor/ 3rd party)<br>
Comments: This game was so much fun; Everyone on this player list I would totally play with again. I did a lot with the knowledge and I helped point the town towards lynching scum and away from town. Selling items in thread was pretty fun too. We won this game hard.
[ Mini 1631 - Mafia with a Twist 3]<br>
Role and alignment: Townie (with an insane cop investigation)<br>
Comments: I think there is two things I've learn from this game. One is to trust early intuition and carefully observe how it is responded to. Two is to not rush your decisions. Oh and also that town are more likely to be dumb than scum. But it's ok, this game was still alot of fun :)
[ Once Upon A Winter Night]<br>
Role and alignment: Adrianna Copperfish(Mafia Neighbor Watcher)<br>
Comments: Oh my goodness I still suck at scum. At least I got tammy to believe I was town for a bit. But somehow I was investigated and there wasn't much I could do. My partner did well but he got screwed over by night actions too..
[ Mewbie 1573: Do you want to build a snowcat?? ]<br>
Role and alignment: vanilla townie<br>
Comments: Meh... I should have been more confident in my reads. I got distracted a lot by personal fights which made me not focus on the actual read and it made me soft on players when I shouldn't have. Also I'm never town reading someone for being dumb again.
[ 4/1]<br>
Role and alignment: town dayvig <br>
Comments: :) <br><br>
[ Drawn on Arrival: The Movie: The Game]<br>
Role and alignment: Arnold from Hey Arnold! (town motivator) <br>
Comments: I've never been a part of a town that's stomped so hard! We lynched scum 4 times in a row, and then lynch the final one after just one mislynch. My reads and play were way more gut oriented, and I sheeped quite a bit more than normal. Also I enjoyed having a helper role again :p I think I'll reread this game if I'm ever in a bad mafia mood lol. <br><br>
[ Open 589: Duck Duck Goose]<br>
Role and alignment: Town PGO <br>
Comments: This is the best game I've ever played, and probably the best game I'll ever play. Town was great, and I killed all the scum :P. And it was great to play with talah again <3 <br><br>
[ Micro 474: Over the Garden Wall Mafia]<br>
Comments: Too much apathy, was op but got fucked over by some of the chapter bullshit. People weren't paying attention, and I didn't put enough faith in myself about some of the things. Then I flaked because IRL stuff *shrug*. The design was real cool and cute, I'd wanna play something like this setup in better circumstances.
<font size="6"><b>Moderated Games</b></font> <br>
[ Open 585: Jungle Republic]
Also Thank you very much kittymo for adding that. And you are really adorable too! :3

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