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High Noon

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  • High Noon
Setup Size:
  • 9
Setup Type:

An open theme setup created by maxwell for a micro game. Essentially a variant of double day unlimited with a different gimmick


  • 7 Townspeople
  • 2 Outlaws

Duel Mechanic

At any time during the day if a duel has not already started or taken place, a player may choose to initiate a duel with another player in the game by declaring Duel: playername. When a duel is started between two players, their voting ability is removed, and the remaining players can only vote between the duelists. When a majority of the non-duelists have voted for a player, that player is killed and the day continues as normal, with all players voting for an elimination.

Example Role PMs


You are a townsperson. You're just a plain old citizen of this ghost town, and you're determined to get rid of the outlaws, whether it's by the gun or by the noose, so that life can be peaceful here again.

You have the ability to start duels as described in the rules. Aside from that, you have only your voice and your vote.

You win when both outlaws are dead.


You are an outlaw. You and your partner, _____, are trying to silence the town so you can ride off with your stolen gold.

During the night, you can talk with your partner in your hideout, located here: [QT link] Each night you or your partner can kill one of the townspeople. Kills can be submitted in the QT or by PM.

You win when you control 50% of the town or nothing can prevent this from happening, as you can get the drop on any of them in a straight-up shootout.