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MediaWiki allows for some pretty fancy signatures. You can append these to your talk page posts by putting four tildes (~~~~) into the page. Ordinarily, this will add your username, a link to your userpage, and the timestamp of your entry. Just three tildes will automatically append just the datestamp, and five will append just your signature/username.

Complex signatures

However, it's possible to make your signature do much more by taking advantage of the "raw signature" option in Special:Preferences. For example, my signature consists of the following raw code: -- [[User:Mr. Flay|Mr.]] [[User_talk:Mr. Flay|Flay]]

which outputs:

-- Mr. Flay 00:48, 21 September 2006 (MDT)

Notice that the "Mr." links to my userpage, while the "Flay" portion links to my talk page. This may be more confusing than it's worth to some users, but it does demonstrate some of the flexibility available.

Help with your signature

Anyone wanting help with getting their raw/complex signature to work properly should comment on the talk page of this Help page, and another user will probably come along and offer a tip shortly.