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Help:Edit summaries

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Edit summaries are used as a shorthand to tell others what you have done when updating a page on a wiki. Because they are limited to approx. 200 characters, some common abbreviations may come in handy:

  • +: added material
  • c/e: copy-edited
  • cap: capitalization fixed
  • cat: categorized
  • dab or disambig: disambiguation page
  • fmt: formatted
  • mv moved
  • rm or : removed material
  • rd: redirect created here
  • recat: recategorized
  • rv: reverted
  • sp: spelling

You may also notice that the software inserts a and some text before your edit summary; this happens when you edit a particular section of the page, rather than all of it at once. Clicking on the arrow will take you directly to that section of the page.

Automatic edit summaries

If you do not provide an edit summary, the software will attempt to describe what you have done. Some examples include:

  • New page: <start of your text here...>
  • Reverted edits by <username or IP>; changed back to last version by <other userrname or IP> (rollback)
  • Removing all content from page
  • Replacing page with '<start of new text here...>

These edit summaries may sometimes be prefaced with a .