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Categories are similar to the WikiBadges from the old wiki; they serve to categorize (duh) and organize pages to make them easier to find. Right now we're still coming up with a rudimentary categorization scheme, but you can see the existing categories at Special:Categories.

Referencing categories

The important thing to note about categories is that when you type:

For other examples, see [[Category:Newbie Games]].

for example, your text will mysteriously seem to disappear from the page and you'll be left with:

For other examples, see .

What's actually happening here is that you've added the page you're currently editing to the actual category, rather than referencing it like you expected. Look to the bottom of the page and you'll see:

Category: Newbie Games

To avoid doing this, put a : in front of categories when you are just talking about them:

For other examples, see [[:Category:Newbie Games]].

yields the expected result:

For other examples, see Category:Newbie Games.

Where to place them on the page

By convention, it's easiest to list all actual categories at the bottom of the page.