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Haschel Cedricson

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Overall Record: 8-7 Town Record: 6-3 Scum Record: 2-4

Games Currently Playing

Mini 728: Ye Old Tymes Mafia


Games Played

Newbie 373 (Lost as Vanilla Townie)

Mini 447 (Won as Vanilla Townie)

Game #464 Kingdom Hearts Mafia (Won as Vanilla Townie)

Mini #480: Boring Town Mafia (Lost as Mafia Goon)

Mini 482: Shrek Mafia (Won as Doctor)

Mini 452: NBA All-Stars Mafia (Won as Mason Maker)

Mini 621: Pantsville (Lost as Vanilla Townie)

Mini 641: SBGTTKYAYHTST (Mod Abandoned)

Open 95: Night Watch (Lost as Mafia Goon)

Open 100: F + E x 2 + TOG (Won as Werewolf)

Mini 427: Clue Mafia (Won as Town Clue Finder, Won as Mafia Goon, Lost as SK)

Mini 479: Care Bears Mafia (Mod Abandoned)

Mini 530: Guitar Hero Mafia (Won as Vanilla Townie)

Mini 566: Justice League Mafia (Lost as SK)

Fritz's Fav Fictional Figures Faction Fest (Lost as Town Teacher)

Mafia 86: mafia.gif (Replaced Out)

Explosiva Mafia (Replaced Out)

Games Modded

Sundry games at WOUmafia

Open 52: Texas Justice Mafia

Mini 680: Portlandia