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Guardians of the Fortress

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  • Guardians of the Fortress
Setup Size:
  • 9
Setup Type:

Guardians of the Fortress is an innovative setup without power roles. Daytalk is recommended for an exciting initial phase.


  • 3 Mafia Goon
  • 6 Vanilla Townie


  • On Day 1, there is no elimination. Instead, at any time a player may sign up to guard the Gate, the Wall, or the Keep. One player may only sign up to guard one location, and players may not change their chosen location. At most three players can be signed up at any one location. Day 1 ends when all players except one have signed up for a location. The last player will be forced to the last location without three people at it. Then, if all three mafia members are at the same location, the town wins immediately.

Night 1, the scum must choose two players and swap their locations such that exactly one scum member is at each location. Location assignments are public.

Day 2 is played as 3 concurrent minigames at each location, although all nine players may still share the game thread and submit their votes there. It uses the following rules:

  • At the Gate, one town player is chosen by the mafia to be confirmed as town, and town must eliminate the mafia member to win.
  • At the Wall, there are no special rules. Town must eliminate the mafia member to win.
  • At the Keep, town must vote on one player. If that player is town, town wins; otherwise, mafia wins.

The side that wins more minigames than the other side wins the entire game.

Additional rules:

  • All 3 minigames are played in the same thread; however, players may only vote for their own minigame.
  • After majority is reached in a minigame, that minigame is immediately resolved, and all players involved are flipped.
  • Once a a player's minigame is resolved, that player may no longer post in the game thread, with the exception of the played who was confirmed town at the Gate, who may continue to post until the end of the game no matter what.


Open 812 - (Mafia Win)
Open 820 - (Town Win)
Open 840 - (Town Win)
Open 869 - (Town Win)
Micro 1056 - (Mafia Win)