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Great IdEEa Mafia

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  • Great IdEEa Mafia
Setup Size: not defined
  • Variable
Setup Type:



1. Thegame (Town Miller)

2. Thegame

3. Kentiya (Town staff, along with Kirby and Master1)

4. Kirby

5. Master1

6. Raphe9000 (Town Conspiracy Theorist)

7. Raphe9000

8. Raphe9000

9. Different55 (Town rolecop has pt with Tomahawk)

10. Tomahawk (Town rolecop)

11. Joeyc (Town Super Saint)

12. Kira (Same as Joeyc)

13. Anatoly (Hated Town Cop)

14. 2B55B5G TNG (Town Night Vigilante)

15. ILikeTofuuJoe (Same as 2B55BNG TNG)

16. Whirl (Same as 2B55BNG TNG)

17. Onjit (Town Day Vigilante)

18. Noob (Town Fruit Vendor)

19. Noob

20. Noob

21. Pro (Town One-Shot Bulletproof Fruit Vendor)

22. Pro

23. Pro


24. Processor (Mafia Conspiracy Theorist)

25. Processor

26. Eye of Illuminati (Captain to all Mafia, recieves whether target obeys or not)

27. Illuminati Follower (Mafia 1-shot Bulletproof)

28. Illuminati Follower

29. Illuminati Follower

30. Illuminati Follower

31. Illuminati Follower

32. Elderly Illuminati Follower (Mafia Godfather)

Alien + AI


33. Xenonetix (Alien Vigilante, Captain to all aliens and AI, recieves results)

35. peace (Same as Xenometix but not in the staff group and doesn't have vigilante)

36. LukeM (Same as Xenonetix but without vigilante)

37. ByteArray (Same as LukeM but lovers with Cercul1, one dies and other loses captain)

38. Cercul1 (Same as ByteArray)


39. Gosha (Non-staff AI Dayvig)

40. Zoey (AI Dayvig)


41. Fairy (Hacker Vigilante)

42. Fairy

43. Fairy

44. Fairy Follower (Hacker Alien Cop)

45. Fairy Follower

46. Fairy Follower

47. Fairy Follower

48. Hated Fairy Follower (Same as Fairy Follower, but hated)

49. Database Hacker (Hacker Faction Cop)


All staff share a pt. All aliens and AI are staff except for the noted ones. There are also a few human staffs.