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Great Expectations

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  • Great Expectations
Setup Size:
  • 9
Setup Type:
  • Anonymous

Great Expectations is a 9 player open theme setup intended for the micro queue.

Special Rules:

+Day Start
+White Flag
+Unique Roles


1 Prince
1 Loyalist
1 General
4 Courtiers
2 Conspirators

Prince (Town)
If he is lynched, one 1 random townie is killed. If he (the prince) is alive at the start of Day 4, the previous effect of a townie dying upon his lynch is nullified and upto 2 townies of his choosing are revived and can post in the thread, however they cannot vote and dont count towards the majority.
Loyalist (Town)
After the first lynch, the Loyalist chooses one person. If that person flips scum before the start of Day 4, he (the loyalist) dies. However, if you are still alive by Day 4 and the chosen person is also still alive, that person's role is revealed.
General (Mafia)
During pregame, the General can choose which people he wants on his mafia team. Also during pregame the General chooses 2 people (after selecting his partners) - if he is still alive on Day 4, he can choose one or both of them and EXECUTE <player(s)> during the day. Additionally, if the General is lynched, the game is no longer White Flag.
Courtier (Town)
Flavor name for Vanilla Townie.
Conspirator (Mafia)
Flavor name for Mafia Goon.

Other notes:

+ The game is White Flag as long as the General is alive.
+ Pregame will be 48 hours and confirmations will be issued via PM.
+ Gamedays will be 7 days long and nights will be 1 day long.
+ There will not be a death QT until the prince dies or after Day 4.
+ The mafia are in continuous communication via quicktopic.
+ You cannot no-lynch.