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Newer player to, Joined on 06/25/2017, habitual lurker.

I've been known by friends on other forums to "be always watching from the shadows." I could be on at any time really, middle of the day or night. That's me in a nutshell.

My name here was chosen off an old forum name I used to have on another site that played Mafia games on one of it's subforums. I have some experience playing Mafia, and Modding my own games prior to I'm more of a themed games mod, as opposed to more conventional forms of Mafia seen here.

Games I've played on

Newbie games:


Micro 742 Maria R's Voltron Game Day 1

Completed Games (via Lynch, NK, or Win or Other):

Newbie 1810 Super Vanilla Game over, Scum Win.

Newbie 1812 Hockey Game over, Scum Win.(Replaced in Day 2)

Newbie 1814 National Geographic Replaced Out.

Newbie 1817 Bolo Lynched Day 1

Newbie 1818 The Cosmos Lynched Day 2 (Replaced in Day 1)

Micro 737 Chosen Mafia Lynched Day 2

I've also played and modded games prior to since 2009.