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These are terms, portmanteaus, and other witty slang coined by the ever-wacky DrippingGoofball. Spread these among your friends, and help make the global Mafia community a bit more surreal.

  • Godfatheriffic, adj. Refers to a player whose play hints at having a Godfather role, such as deliberately angling to be investigated by a Cop knowing fully well the result will be in their favor.
  • Vanity Wagon, When a player refuses to join popular wagons to sit alone as a single voter.
  • Hammerlust, v. To feel an intense urge to hammer someone, regardless of what you believe about the player you eliminate in this way.
  • Hammerlust, n. The urge caused by Hammerlusting.
  • Outscum, v. To be attacked and presumably eliminated by active scum players, who outnumber the active Town players and therefore control the game.
    • Many other players will use this term to mean "acted more scummy than the actual scum, as if it were an achievement".
  • Scumdar, n. A portmanteau of "scum" and "radar"; this is a player's central unit for noticing players who are likely to be scum at first glance.
  • Scummalicious, adj. A portmanteau of "scummy" and "delicious"; this is a player who is so scummy that they are as good as claimed scum for purposes of the elimination.
  • Scummeter, n. A portmanteau of "scummy" and "meter"; this is a means by which the scumminess of a player can be gauged. This is actually somewhat commonly used by players as they rank the other players by relative scumminess.
  • Scumpal, n. A shorter alternative to "scumpartner" and a less creepy alternative to "scumbuddy".
  • Scumputer, n. A portmanteau of "scum" and "computer"; this is a means of assigning point values to players in order to determine their likelihood to be scum. This is DrippingGoofball's trademark, and is explained further in its own article.
  • Scumtart, n. A female Scumpal.
  • Scumvenient, adj. A portmanteau of "scummy" and "convenient"; it describes actions that are convenient for scum to do. While actions that scum are more likely to do are "scummy"; this is reserved for things that are outrightly dubious.
  • Scumxhausted, adj. A pormanteau of "scum" and "exhausted." How a player feels after pulling scum 12 times in a row.
  • Town Cred, n. Short for "Town credit" or "Town credibility". This is an unquantifiable entity given to each player that reflects how obviously Town they have been. Performing scummy actions can be excused as "burning Town cred", provided they had the requisite Town cred to begin with. This is actually a fairly common term.
  • Wikitell, n. Short for "an objective tell found on the wiki"; this is a disparaging term for clichéd tells that are often misapplied or thrown around as buzzwords.