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Gay Mafia

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Gay Mafia
Forum: New York
Moderator(s): Untrod Tripod
Status: Ruined
Winner(s): no outcome yet

A short-lived but controversial mafia game. Although it was originally classified as a Large Normal Game, the Game Moderator revealed at the beginning of Day 1 that, although there were groups similar to the Mafia, the alignments were different: the town was divided into two Factions, both with the intent of killing all the other players. (like Spy Hunting Stand Down, whose stagnated game had occurred before Gay Mafia started, but with Roles).

At the end of Day 1, the town eliminated one of the Mafia members, but UT mistakenly put that player's entire Role PM in the death post, including the names of that player's two partners. Although he tried to cover his tracks by rearranging the roles, the List Moderator for the Normal Games (Macros) halted the game.