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>>Note : For making this page on wiki ; I got permission from CuddlyCaucasian (MishMash mod) and wgeurts (Wiki mod). Please don't edit or delete this page.

Yes! mafBlack is the default theme!

Great Job! You found this page! As Promised this page will give you a key that can be used for ending this session!

You already have the first letter of this key. Fill the following blanks and find the rest! [Each underline represents a letter.]

Why did I choose mafBlack over other themes ? _ _'_ _'_ _ _

Its in mafSepia and mafSilver but in no other themes. _'_ _

A Southeast Asian nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands? _'_ _ _ _ _ _ _'_

Its not in mafSepia or scuMobile but in all other themes. _ _'_ _ _'_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I'm simple for a few people But hard for them to hear. I live inside of secrets, I bring people's worst fears. What am I? _ _ _ _ _'

It caused the destruction of Troy, The worst of tragedies, And numerous maladies, Yet it is chased, desired and fought for. What is it? _ _ _'_

The day of the above? _'_ _ _'_ _ _'_ _

Some say it sucks. Others love it so hard. We all must give it away anyway. _ _ _'_'

Remember you won't need to solve these all to guess what I want from you! You just need to do it (what?!)

Oh and remember to do it privately to not ruin this for everyone else or I won't give you any points :]

Good luck!