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Forensic Investigator

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Forensic Investigator
Alias: none
Role type:
  • Informative
  • Night

The Forensic Investigator is an investigative role that can target a dead player to learn the names of everyone who targeted that dead player since the beginning of the game. For instance, if Player A Tracks Player B on Night 1, Player C Jails Player B on Night 2, Scum D kills Player B on Night 3, and Forensic Investigator E examines Player B on Night 4; Player E will receive a result saying that players A, C, D, and E targeted Player B at some point. Despite how this example turned out, the order in which the names are listed should be arbitrary (that is, not exactly in the order in which they targeted the player).

Votes do not count as targeting actions for purposes of this role.

This role is usually pro-Town, but has potential as an anti-Town role.


If votes did cause a player to show up on a Forensic Investigator's result, it would be amusing. However, this can be gamed via pseudovotes if made public.

Use and Power

A Pro-Town Forensic Investigator is stronger than a Watcher. Since the name of the killer is always listed in its result, it is guaranteed to find scum (or a Vigilante) with each investigation. In cases where there are multiple names given in a result, the Forensic Investigator can simply claim its result and let the Town lynch from the list until they find scum. It's tremendously overpowered.

An Anti-Town Forensic Investigator has potential to reveal several power roles at once, but only after those power roles have had a chance to target people. If the Forensic Investigator survives to lategame, it can expose most of the targeting power roles in the game (although they won't all be alive...). Speaking strictly from a setup design perspective, its power is hard to gauge.