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=Past Signatures=
=Past Signatures=
'''Newbie 1958:''' ''"Farkran progression during this game was very transparent and I haven't seen him to make any suspicious swings. He was helpful to town and cautions about relations. He even acted like tsundere towards me." -Kerset''
'''Newbie 1958:''' ''"Farkran progression during this game was very transparent and I haven't seen him to make any suspicious swings. He was helpful to town and cautions about relations. He even acted like tsundere towards me." -Kerset''

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Win record

Win Loss Draw % Faction
9 0 0 100%  as All Factions
6 0 0 100%  as Town
2 0 0 100%  as Mafia / Werewolves
0 0 0 0%  as Cult
1 0 0 100%  as Self-Aligned

Games I played in their entirety

Game Role Personal Outcome Game Outcome Comments
Newbie 1951 Town Mason N1K Town Win My very first fm game on Mafiascum. I was mason with NMSA, did my usual attention-whoring program until i CCed EpicCreeper's tracker claim. After being outed as masons, we were obviously nked asap so my contribute was limited. I still want to think it was kinda helpful to sort out skitter though - Pops and emps did a good job carrying town to victory in lylo.
Newbie 1958 Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win First game as scum, initially with Pine who was then replaced by The Worst. I faked pro-town and made up some bullshit to scumlean my partner since game start, which then allowed me to plausibly bus him - twice! - and get to lylo with Kerset and ofrhz, ultimately lynching the latter who did not have a chance to spew town as much as he actually deserved to do.
Mini Theme 2106 Alina Gray, Stunner Survived Town Win Fun theme game, i got to play with Kerset, Evenstar and pops. Usual day 1 start where most players scumread me, then scum!pops jumps on my wagon and i immediately notice a weird move - RC was already on the spot though, and we managed to lynch pops also due to a bodyguard CC. Day 2, Salamence fails a roleblocked claim and i CCed him, two scum out. Then some impossible shenanigans about roleblocks, protection and strongmanning happened, we mislynched Gamma Emerald but ultimately nailed Alchemist as the third scum in Day 4. Probably the most enjoyable game i had so far, loved it. Team Kerset-Farkran kicks some serious ass, sad for pops being on the opposite side :(
Mini Normal 2106 Backup Neighborizer Survived Town Win Unfortunate game. D1 pace was slow, until Menalque bursted in replacing George and led a mislynch on Garmr, which made me salty for the rest of the game. The other carrier Tchill (also our only investigative) got killed n1, so we had one of the worst beginnings we could see in this game. Still, me and menalque lately managed to reconcile and lynch two scum in a row, then he was killed and i later lynched bob in a lylo with conftown!SS, who had previously set up a full conftown lylo with the Backup Mason Flubbernuggets. All is well that ends well.
Mini Theme 2110 Mime Lynched Mime Win Very weird game where the scum team, 3 Mimes, had to be killed before town reached parity. Town!Rauthrdir presented a strategy that players followed and almost got them to victory. However, Farkran's last lynch in the volunteers group led to his partners Pyrrha Nikos and Gamma Emerald being lynched shortly thereafter, consolidating the Mime team victory.
Micro 914 VT Survived as Town Town Win CultD3 game hosted by Kerset. My first game as VT, claimed it in my first post to get out of RVS. D1 i thought Poyzin was cult, but then he claimed Rolestopper, shos counterclaimed FN so we ultimately lynched VT!Bingle. Day 2 we correctly nailed the CL in Blatant Scum, then immediately lynched shos and won the game. CL refused to recruit n1, out of fear of Tracker!Korina i guess? I still think Cult setups need to be re-reviewed in favor of less town power but including an additional threat to the Cult (SK?).
Mini Theme 2120 Rikka Takanashi, Unlynchable Waifu N3K Town Win Total memegame with 1 vig, 1 aoe vig, elite bodyguards and resurrectors. We lynched scum d1, i was vigged AND healed during n1 but at the same time our Megumin exploded town and scum together. Last scum conceded d4 after having mechcleared Brian Skies because of my other ability to question mods about stuff. Madness!
TM2020 - Gay Mafia IV Town Composer N1K Town Win I wish i wasn't killed 3 irl days into this, but i guess i had struck some fear into the scum team, somehow, since my hood was fulltown so there was no need for them to get LMS power. Like, the whole game is a testament to my wishful thinking to be a good player, but ultimately i was hardcarried to victory by the rest of the town. Good job!
Open 776 ANARCHIST! Recruited N1 Anarchist & Town Win Very fun setup, short but efficient. I didn't have the cultist in my scumpool, but it doesn't matter because i was good enough to be recruited and therefore achieved my win condition immediately. You're welcome town <3

Games I replaced in

I do not count these towards my total score.

Game Role Personal Outcome Game Outcome Comments
Newbie 1960 Town Friendly Neighbor Rep-in N1, N2K Town Win Overall good game. I townreaded NaCl during catchup and greeted him N1. He was the tracker, so we immediately gained full setup info and softcleared a VT. We then lynched emps, mafia goon who claimed jailkeeper, and scum somehow opted to kill me rather than the investigative role, so NaCl cleared another VT after N2. Out of the remaining people, town mislynched once and then got the second scum in D4.
Mini Theme 2116 - Undertale Scum Rep-in d1, Lynched d4 Scum Win This game was really something else. The setup and flavor by pops™ were already awesome by themselves, but what made this experience impossible to forget was the playerlist. I replaced into a lurker scum slot before the end of day 1, i was L-2, the town had a streak list of spareable players that would have lost us the game. With a desperate effort to derail everything i could possibly derail, i managed to get off the hook until d4 while conceding two town spares and one town mislynch with the help of an amazing scumpartner named Chara, who ended up bussing me instead of hammering L-1 town. Everything was going as planned, until the furnace of passion in the heart of Nachomamma8 suddenly lighted up in lylo, bashing Chara with everything he could possibly find on it and actually guessing what happened in the scum pt 100% correctly. Unfortunately it was too late for that, because Hectic wouldn't budge his mind on Chara being town, and took the wrong decision for a scum victory. I wouldn't say this was my best game overall, but given the situation and the sheer skill level of the town i am still more than proud of its outcome. While this game in its entirety was not without flaws, it is still truly a masterpiece and a lesson to every player out there on how to put passion in what you do, as both alignments. I want to mention Replica, because if it weren't for that specific player and his -correct- tunnel on me after i tried to push him, i would have played this completely differently and who knows what would have happened.

Past Signatures

Newbie 1958: "Farkran progression during this game was very transparent and I haven't seen him to make any suspicious swings. He was helpful to town and cautions about relations. He even acted like tsundere towards me." -Kerset