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Execution in the Palace

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  • Execution in the Palace (EITP)
Setup Size:
  • ?
Setup Type:
Notes: Take RITP and add night kills.

Execution in the Palace is an Open Setup designed by Bicephalous Bob and PokerFace. Takes its name from Rebels in the Palace and Assassin in the Palace. Thread that lead to this setup[1]. The scum (kingdom) consists of the King and the Guards. The Town consists of the Rebels.

Setup and Mechanics

  • 1 King (doesn't know anyone, wins if King + Guards >= Rebels, he can kill each night so there are nights in this game)
  • X Guards (know who King is but not who the other Guards are, win if King + Guards >= Rebels)
  • 4X + 2 Rebels (win if King is eliminated)

Standard Role PMs


You are the King! You may execute one player each night. That kill will fail if you target a guard. To win, you and your loyal guards must outnumber OR EQUAL the rebels. You lose if you are eliminated.


You are one of _____ guards to the Magnificent King ____. To win, the king and guards must outnumber OR EQUAL the rebels. You lose if the King is eliminated.


You are one of _____ rebels. You win when the King is eliminated. But who is the King? Happy hunting... You lose if the King and guards outnumber OR EQUAL the rebels.

Completed Games