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End-of-Game Summary

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After all is said and done, most players like to know what they missed during the game. To this end, it is nice to be able to provide them with an End-of-Game summary post after you make your declaration of who won. You may also want to include any observations you made while the game was going on, especially roles you found to work differently than you expected, and unusual choices/motivations by players; be careful not to criticize anyone's play too hard as they were working with a lot less complete information than you were!

Generally, this post will include complete roles (including secret information regarding Cop sanity and Doctor effectiveness, for example), and a play-by-play of any secret Day and Night Choices that were made. If you have access to any secret discussion made by Mafia or other groups, it can also be worth sharing by posting logs or a link to a QuickTopic (However, most mods ask first in case the players don't want aspects of the then-private discussion made public). After that, it's generally good policy to leave the thread unlocked for a few days for feedback, suggestions, and praise from your players, as well as to answer any lingering questions they may have. If you forget, the List Moderator will usually lock the Game Thread after a week or so, or whenever post-game analysis dies down.