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Empking's Five Player

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  • Empking's Five Player
Setup Size:
  • 5
Setup Type:

Empking's Five Player is an Open Setup created by Empking that was an attempt to create another five player game in the same vein of Vengeful.

Empking's Five Player

  • 2 Mafia Goons (Can only kill on even nights.)
  • 1 One-Shot Publishing Cop (Can target a player and their alignment is published in the end of night post.)
  • 2 Vanilla Townies

Standard Role PMs


You are a Mafia Goon with x. You win when at least half of the living players are Mafia, or nothing can prevent that. The Mafia has a collective ability to kill a player on each even night. You may talk to your partner during the nights here: x


You are a Vanilla Townie. You win when both of the Mafia are dead.

Please confirm via PM by stating your role.

Publishing Cop

You are a One-Shot Publishing Cop. You may investigate someone once during a night. Your results will be posted in the end-of-night post. You win when both of the Mafia are dead.

Completed Games

Open 278 - (Mafia Win)