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(Completed Games, 2019: Added Big Four)
(Completed Games, 2020: Added Newbie 1975)
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! Game title !! Role !! Fate !! Won/Lost
! Game title !! Role !! Fate !! Won/Lost
| Placeholder Title
| [ Newbie 1975: Zen]
| n/a || n/a || n/a
| Vanilla Town || Survived || Won
[[Category: Scummers]]
[[Category: Scummers]]

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Hey guys. My name is Egix (pronounced 'Ee-jicks'), I'm 23 years old, and I'm just a random guy from Wales who likes to dabble in all sorts of stuff. One of those things being Mafia ;)

Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

About Me

So, Mr Egix... how did you get your nickname?

It indirectly originates from when I used to play Team Fortress 2 in late 2012. In that game, the name that I used was "Engie Haz Bacon", inspired by the Garry's Mod animation "Engineer's Bacon Attack".

Over the next few years, "Engie" gradually morphed into "Egix". Change the second e to an x, take away the n... makes sense, right?

As for the number 96... I'm sure you can figure it out yourself ;)

More stuff will go here eventually. Working on this section isn't a high priority for me at the moment.

Completed Games, 2018

Games that ended in 2018
Game title Role Fate Won/Lost
Newbie 1890 Mafia Goon Subbed out D1; slot conceded N2 Lost*
Newbie 1893 Town Tracker Endgamed Lost
Newbie 1898 Vanilla Town Lynched D1 Lost
Newcomer Forum Mafia 62 (1) Sheriff Killed N2 Lost
Everyone Is A Cultist Recruiter II (2) Cultist Lynched D1 n/a
Mini Normal 2045: Boba Tea Mafia Vanilla Town Survived Won
Open 740: Hope Plus One Mafia Goon Lynched D2 Won
Open 744: Lovers and Losers Mafia Lover Subbed out D1; slot survived Won*
Open 742: C9++ Mafia Goon Lynched D2 Lost

(1) Played on the Town of Salem Forums

(2) Played in the TWSOGMM subforum; game was called off by host

An asterisk denotes the result that my slot achieved in a game that I replaced out of.

Completed Games, 2019

Games that ended in 2019
Game title Role Fate Won/Lost
Mini Normal 2048: more songs Vanilla Town Endgamed Lost
Newbie 1911 Vanilla Town Survived Won
Open 743: The Crown of Misery Town Trickster Endgamed Lost
Newbie 1914: Stuff I Found Online VIII Mafia Goon Lynched D1 Lost
Mini Normal 2054: Winter's Sacrifice Vanilla Town Survived Won
Newbie 1918: Modest Mouse Mafia Goon Lynched D1 Won
Open 750: Forest Fire Arsonist Lynched D5 Lost
Open 748: Jungle Republic Mafia Goon Survived Won
Mini Normal 2070 Town Loyal Jailkeeper Killed N2 Won
Newbie 1929 Town Doctor Lynched D5 Lost
Mini Normal 2071 Mafia Goon Lynched D6 Lost
Open 756: Hope Plus One Mafia Goon Lynched D4 Drew
Mini Theme 2083: Vengeful Ghosts Town Resurrectionist Killed N3 Won
Open 766: Alternating 9P Mafia Goon Lynched D3 Lost
Newbie 1956: Car Seat Headrest Mafia Roleblocker Lynched D2 Lost
Open 768: C9++ Town Doctor Endgamed Lost
Mini Normal 2106 Vanilla Town Lynched D4 Won
Big Four Mafia Town Informed Innocent Child Killed N3 Lost

Completed Games, 2020

Games that ended in 2020
Game title Role Fate Won/Lost
Newbie 1975: Zen Vanilla Town Survived Won