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EPYC 3: The Return Of the Chain

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EPYC 3: The Return of the Chain was a Mish Mash game run from late 2011 to mid 2012 by Porochaz. The idea to run this game was a continuation of EPYC 2: Chains of Glory and complete a Mish Mash game of his own. The original plan was to run the game for 20 players, but it eventually settled on 26, for aesthetic reasons. Nobody foresaw how much this would affect the overall speed of the game, and it made things seem very slow at times. In the duration of the game over 1000 chains were sent and over 50 people contributed to completing the game.

What is EPYC?

EPYC is short for the phrase Eat Poop You Cat which derives from unknown origins. The basic overview of the game is simple: For each chain, one player writes a sentence that starts it off, and the central idea morphs through various means into something (usually) entirely different by the time it reaches the end. But the twist is that every even-numbered person in the sequence will instead draw a picture describing the sentence previous to them, which makes for some good fun, and lots of hilarious confusion. Due to the moderator being the one to manage sending and receiving of all different phrases and pictures, the players never know which player they received their previous sentence or picture from, and which person is after them in the chain. The players in each sequence are randomized, so that no chain follows the same order as any of the others.

The Player List

There were 26 player slots in this game. Players initially involved are listed here. Replacements (of which there were also a great number) are signified at the end of the list.

Replacement Who Completed at Least One Round

1. Equinox
2. Twistedspoon
3. UberNinja
4. Shiidaji
5. Ether
6. Sword of Omens
7. Ankamius
8. Brandi
9. Hoppster
10. Axxle
11. ooba
12. Lyrebird
13. animorpherv1
14. rolandofthewhite
15. saporovirus
16. VisMaior

The Chains Themselves

The chains are being listed below. Right now they are being gradually revealed; check back often for your fix of more EPYC goodness! Just click the title of the chain you wish to view, and whammo! (or click the name of the author to view their Mafiascum wiki profile).

A. Xalxe's Chain
B. Nobody Special's Chain
C. Mist7676's Chain
D. Reecer6's Chain
E. Uphill's Chain
F. DonJosh's Chain
G. StrangerCoug's Chain
H. Thor665's Chain
I. BS2000's Chain
J. Charlie's Chain
K. Magua's Chain
L. Empking's Chain
M. cg5's Chain
N. Fenchurch's Chain
O. Robotnick2's Chain
P. mallowgeno's Chain
Q. RedCoyote's Chain
R. Korts' Chain
S. Zang's Chain
T. ChannelDelibird's Chain
U. mb53's Chain
V. Yabbaguy's Chain
W. DeathNote's Chain
X. Elmo Teh Azn's Chain
Y. Tragedy's Chain
Z. Faraday's Chain