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Document Mode Mafia

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This page has been protected against IP/brand new user edits. Please log in if you wish to edit this page, or use the talk page to discuss removing protection.Document Mode Mafia was a Mafia game being moderated by PolarBoy. 12 Players. Rules below.

Every player will be assigned a role at random. This role will be known only to that player.

Some players will be members of the mafia. They will know who each other are.

First comes a night phase. Every player will send the moderator a choice as to what his role does that night. All the actions will be resolved.

Then comes a day phase. Players will find out who has died and be able to freely discuss the situation in ThreadMode on a WikiPage to be determined. No editing of this page will be allowed, only the appending of signed comments. Also, every player will be given his own WikiPage to edit as he pleases, to keep his current position on all issues. These pages also may only be edited during a day phase.

A vote tally will be kept at the top of the discussion. A player may edit the entry under his own name to any other player. This signifies changing a vote.

Do not change your vote if a simple majority has been reached.

Day will continue until a simple majority has been reached. The moderator will make the lynch official, eliminating the player from the game and revealing his role to everyone. Then begins another night phase.

Day and night phases alternate until either a) all mafia members have been eliminated or b) the town can no longer create a simple majority of votes on it's own(at this time the mafia will equal or outnumber the town).

  • No quoting private messages from the mod unless told otherwise.
  • No discussing the game in a manner not otherwise prescribed by the rules.
  • No dead player may discuss the game.
  • Editing of these rules is strictly prohibited.
  • All questions concerning the nature of the game will be directed privately to the moderator, who will answer them and resolve any issues they raise in a manner he so chooses.
  • The mod reserves the right to do whatever he wants in regard to this game.
  • Sign up by adding your MafiaScum screenname to the list below.
  • Discussions by mafia will be performed on the DocumentModeMafiaMafia page. This word is not to be accessed by anyone who is not a member of the mafia.
  • Players may not access any pages within the DocumentModeMafia cluster unless explicitly informed otherwise by the mod. Spectators may view any of them as much as they like.