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Profiles and Usernames


Forum Profile
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Location Username
AIM DizzyIzzyB13
Y!IM DizzyIzzyB13

Playing Record

Newbie Games

Newbie 586 - Lynched, Day Three (Mafia Roleblocker)

Newbie 589 - Ongoing (replaced Sir Ferrett II)

Mini Normal

Open 62 - Lynched, Day Two (Townie, replaced malthusis)

Open 72 - Mountainous Multiball - Ongoing

Mini Theme

Mini 556 - The Most Excellent People Ever - Ongoing (replaced RangeroftheNorth)

Mini 563 - Fish Monkey God - Ongoing (replaced Justin125)

Mini 583 - PEGBAM - Modkilled, revealing role by asking a question in a public chat instead of in a private message.

Large Normal

Mafia 73 - NEGWLTWWWTKY - Ongoing (replaced spambot, who replaced Sir Tornado)

Mafia 79 - "The Amish Mafia" - Ongoing (replaced ValiantValant)

Large Theme

Enigma Mi - Ongoing (replaced sykedoc who replaced Mastermind of Sin who replaced rite)

Prophecy Mafia - Ongoing (replaced The Goat)

The War to End All Freaktowns - Ongoing (Child born Night 8)

Replacement Karma

Replaced In: 8
Replaced Out: 0


Wins: 1
Losses: 1
Modkills: 1