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Hey! You probably came here to look for past games! I don't have a fancy table like others, mostly because I don't have the time for it, but I can give you a list!

Antihero v. Fakegod - Vanilla Town - Town Loss

Guild of Dungeoneering - Mime - Town Loss

Metal Gear Solid V - Something or other Tracker, I don't remember flavor - Mafia Win

Machina Mafia - Creation Receiver - Town Loss

UNI MUM - Vanilla Town (the only one, RIP me) - Game Ended

Something or other Open Fire and Ice I don't care- Town Doctor - Town Win - This is the most ridiculous game I've ever seen. Town played terribly. Lynched me as the doctor D2, didn't find a mafia after a D1 lynch. One mafia died to the other mafia side, and then the last 2 mafia crossfired.