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  • Dethy^2
Setup Size:
  • 12
Setup Type:
  • Anonymous
Notes: See also: Dethy.

Dethy^2 is a larger variant of the Dethy Open Setup, for 12 Players. There is a 3-member Mafia group, 8 Cops (2 Sane, 2 Insane, 2 Naïve, 2 Paranoid), and 1 Retired Cop. The game starts with Night, and the Retired Cop takes the Sanity of the Cop that is killed Night 1.

After a player dies, only role (Mafia, Cop, or Retired Cop) is revealed; sanities are not revealed.

The town must eliminate every day; the mafia must kill every night.

The setup was originally created by mole for Mini 2. It was later run on the Grey Labyrinth by ralphmerridew, under the misnomer "Groza Classic".

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