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Derp Phase

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The Derp Phase

The period of time after Twilight is definitely over but before the Mod has shown up to start Night. Generally it is clear you are in this phase when everyone has reacted to the person being lynched...then has also asked questions...and probably the person who was just lynched has even claimed...and then more time passes.

You're probably in it if people start just talking about football and anyone suggests the Mod is MIA.


First used here in Mini 1347 (proud owner of two derp phases) Coined by AngryPidgeon who lamented about the loss of the mod, and generally how the Phase was terrible...also being erotically enticed (but, then again, he *was* in Derp Phase)

Appropriate Use

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have everyone agree that the game is summed up as 'penis' before a derp phase (though that is a strong indicator)

It is also important to realize that it isn't likely a derp phase if even a decent portion of the player base still seems to be playing the game. When NO ONE is still playing the game then it is DEFINITELY a Derp Phase. It is important to remember that sudden new role claims and also new votes are not always an indication that people are playing the game so much as...playing. Much like RVS there can be a bit of flux, where some players are either in or not in the Derp Phase - but it is probably safe to presume 50% +1 of the players need to be acting like it is derp phase for it to be official that you are in said phase.

Mods should try to avoid these at all costs.