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Democracy is a hydra made up of Katsuki, Chickadee, Ser Arthur Dayne, Brian Skies, Aristophanes, mhsmith0, JaeReed, Lil Uzi Vert, mastina, Alisae, nancy, Nachomamma8, Untrod Tripod, and TheRealGin-N-Tonic.

To prevent a 16-player hydra from being a clusterfuck, the hydra has developed specific posting mechanics:

Each day, there will be a 3-player rotation. Everyone else in the hydra is restricted to the PT. When the next game day hits, the next 3 players in the rotation will step up to play, and the others will remain in the PT. Players within the hydra may opt out of rotation, and be "drifters" who remain purely within the PT on all day phases. For instance, a rotation may involve D1 Katsuki-Chickadee-Ser Arthur Dayne, D2 Brian Skies-Aristophanes-mhsmith, D3 JaeReed-Lil Uzi Vert-mastina, D4 Alisae-nancy-Nachomamma8, D5 back to Katsuki-Chicadee-Ser Arthur Dayne with Gin and Untrod Tripod as drifters.

Voting requires some hydra consensus.