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Deep South

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Deep South is a style of Nightless Mafia in which power roles use their powers during the Day. Each Day (sometimes called a Choice Block) lasts for a pre-determined period, during which Town tries to lynch Scum. Typically, each power role may use their power once per Day/Choice Block, usually by sending a PM to the Moderator. Likewise the Mafia may kill one player per Day, again by PM-ing the Mod.

It was invented by Amb, who has run several such games on the Grey Labyrinth.

There are a number of ways that power roles can work in a Deep South game:

  1. Power roles can send in their choices in advance. For example, a Doctor could tell the Moderator during Day 1 which player he wanted to protect during Day 2.
  2. Actions occur immediately. For example, the Mafia might be able to kill a player instantly when the send their choice to the Moderator (once per Day).

Option 2 requires some rules for coping with choices sent very close together - for example, choices could be resolved in the order that they are received by the Moderator. This would have the effect a player could be killed before getting the chance to carry out their own action or without giving the Doctor a chance to protect him. Using a mixture of 1 and 2 for different roles is one possible solution.