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{{UNGameRow|num=1|game=Calendar Mafia|glink=81078|status=Loss|mod=Cephrir|team=Mafia|role=Mafia Fast Jailkeeper|rlink=Jailkeeper|endlink=11422562|endtext=Killed Night 6|myplay=0.5}}
{{UNGameRow|num=1|game=Calendar Mafia|glink=81078|status=Loss|mod=Cephrir|team=Mafia|role=Mafia Fast Jailkeeper|rlink=Jailkeeper|endlink=11422562|endtext=Killed Night 6|myplay=0.5}}
{{UNGameRow|num=2|game=Micro 905: High Noon|glink=81470|status=Loss|mod=Blatant Scum|team=Town|role=Townsperson|rlink=Vanilla Townie|endlink=11438694|endtext=Killed Night 1|myplay=2}}
{{UNGameRow|num=2|game=Micro 905: High Noon|glink=81470|status=Loss|mod=Blatant Scum|team=Town|role=Townsperson|rlink=Vanilla Townie|endlink=11438694|endtext=Killed Night 1|myplay=2}}
=== Meme games: ===
{{UNGameRow|num=1|game=Micro 919: just don't die|glink=81965|status=Win|mod=Alisae|team=Mafia|role=Mafia Goon|rlink=Mafia Goon|endlink=11552716|endtext=Survived|myplay=3}}

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UNfolder.pngPlayed Games

Legends say that when Datisi enters a game, half of the player base replace out on the spot. That's right, not just players in that specific game, but half of the player base across the whole site, as if her entrance into the game sends waves of fear washing over all. The other half swear allegiance and immediately self-vote in order to appease her.

"One time I made it to LyLo with Datisi in the game. There was an Innocent Child, me, and Datisi left. Even though I knew I was town, I self-voted because it's more likely that I misread my role PM over Datisi being scum." - Hectic

"Me and Datisi were very unlikely to doubt each other, we town-locked Day 1 and everything that came out of her mouth I agreed with - I wouldn't lynch her even if she suddenly gave a page long monologue confessing to be scum." - Cometbright

"How can I justify voting for Datisi when even her 1v1 opponent can’t do it?" - Wickedestjr

"I like Datisi. Yes, I am pocketing you." - RadiantCowbells

"Hey back off. I pocketed her first." - thenavneet

"It’s far too early to townbin Datisi, she plays a very strong scum game." - Menalque

"And what scum (fake) claims PR number 4 like that? What does that achieve?" - Iconeum

"I genuinely forgot several times that Datisi was even in the game." - Korina

["Who's Datisi?"] "Some newbie who kinda sucks tbh" - RadiantCowbells

About me:

Prefer to be a Pro-Town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Hi guys! I'm Datisi.

Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

After trying out EpicMafia in 2014, Town of Salem in 2015, in 2019 I have finally decided to try a forum game. And I loved it.

Sadly I'm not yet very good at it. But we'll get there.

If you ever wanna hit me up, Discord's Datisi#6868

Get to know a Datisi!

Alignment preferences:

I genuinely enjoy playing as either alignment.

I love being a part of the uninformed majority, trying to solve the puzzle of who's lying to me and who's being honest. Preference to being a Power Role rather than Vanilla, but I'm not too picky.

I love being a part of the informed minority, working along with my partners and manipulating the Town.

I'd probably love being third party/Serial Killer, but haven't rolled that yet.

Win/Loss Record:

Why did I decide to show this again? In any case, only main account games.

Win Loss Draw % Faction
5 8 0 38.46%  as All Factions
3 7 0 30%  as Town
2 1 0 66.67%  as Mafia / Werewolves
0 0 0 0%  as Cult
0 0 0 0%  as Self-Aligned

Games played:

Main Account:

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Newbie 1924 Win Micc Town Jailkeeper Town  Survived HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
2  Newbie 1929 Loss Micc Vanilla Townie Town  Killed Night 4 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
3  Micro 878: Chain of Command Loss ChibiBear Town Captain Town  Killed Night 4 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
4  Open 761: Grey Flag Nightless Loss NotAJumbleOfNumbers Vengeful Mafioso Mafia  Lynched Day 1 BUNhalfstar.png
5  Newbie 1944: Rainforest Loss Ausuka Town Jailkeeper Town  Killed Night 2 CUNstar.png
6  Newbie 1945: EdPsych Win teacher Town Doctor Town  Survived HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
7  Newbie 1949 Win Skitter30 Mafia Goon Mafia  Survived IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
8  Newbie 1952: Government Loss teacher Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
9  Mini Normal 2095 Loss Chemist1422 Vanilla Townie Town  Lynched Day 2 DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
10  Micro 892: TemporalLich's Micro Normal Win TemporalLich Mafia Neighbor Enabler Mafia  Survived JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
11  Micro 900: Autumnal Mafia Win Plum Vanilla Townie Town  Killed Night 3 IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
12  Guns & Roses III Loss FakeGod Town Night 3 Rose Town  Endgamed EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
13  Newbie 1976 Loss Xtoxm Town Mason Town  Endgamed GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png


Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Calendar Mafia Loss Cephrir Mafia Fast Jailkeeper Mafia  Killed Night 6 BUNhalfstar.png
2  Micro 905: High Noon Loss Blatant Scum Townsperson Town  Killed Night 1 EUNstar.pngUNstar.png

Meme games:

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Micro 919: just don't die Win Alisae Mafia Goon Mafia  Survived GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png


Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Micro 870: Lynch Happy Loss Jingle Vanilla Townie Town  Replaced out D1 / Endgamed
2  Newbie 1963 Loss Micc Vanilla Townie Town  Force-replaced D1 / Endgamed

Mish Mash:

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Secret Hitler Win Mizzytastic Liberal Liberals  5 Liberal policies passed FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png

Game comments:

Main Account:

Game Comments
Newbie 1924 My first game on the site. I didn't do much regarding Night Actions, however a Mafia member was (successfully) pocketing me all game, betting that I was a VT who was going to vote with him in LyLo. And I would have, had he not claimed Cop, making me CC him.
Newbie 1929 Mafia was hanged Day 1. There were no night kills for 3 Nights. We thought we were doing so well.
Micro 878: Chain of Command I was being suspected during Day 1 for my play, and the Captain slot was heavily suspected after the orders I gave out. (hint: they were bad) After I came out as Captain however, I was suddenly almost locktown simply due to my orders being so illogical that they couldn't have come from scum. Also, this game was the first of many in which Icon and I misread eachother. You ever solve a game on Day 1 only to vote wrong in MyLo?
Open 761: Grey Flag Nightless /sobbing i'm so sorry
Newbie 1944: Rainforest I replaced in what I thought was a very scummy slot. Then I got a Town Jailkeeper PM. Then I tried to catch up on the entirety of the game in one sitting. I didn't remember anything of what I'd read. So I tried to make it though the day with the most bland reads. Almost jailed the Mafioso that was doing the kill, but changed my mind at the last moment. Then got nightkilled. Read right as the PR for the wrong reasons.
Newbie 1945: EdPsych The game I was tryharding in the most. After the person I was SRing the most (and who was SRing me the most) got "quick"hammered Day 2 by scum, I managed to get on the right track regarding reads. There was a pretty bad fakeclaim from scum in 6p MyLo, where I managed to strongarm the lynch on the fakeclaimer and come up with a strategy to hardclear a potential mislynch, after which the Mafia conceded.
Newbie 1949 Had a dream during Night 1 about a player being the Cop, he turned out to actually be the Cop. We left him for 5p LyLo, where my partner CC'ed him. After it seemed like my partner's lynch was becoming inevitable, I bussed, going to 3p LyLo with a confirmed Townie who I'd spent the whole game pocketing. And managed to convince him to trust me.
Newbie 1952: Government I drove an all-Town wagon on scum Day 1, but the wagon collapsed in on itself right before the hammer. In 5p LyLo, as the UTR, I was given the hammer and made to choose between that same scum and town!Icon. I chose wrong.

While losing Town the game when I was ~this close~ to getting it right was bad enough, what really rubbed salt into the wound was reading the dead/spec thread post game, where the mod was commenting along, saying how he thinks the Town's got a good chance of winning. Sigh.

Mini Normal 2095 With the scumteam being the two lurkiest slots who were both barely playing (and had been replaced a couple of times), this game is a prime example of a Town eating itself.

Also the first game I was ever mislynched in. :(

Micro 892: TemporalLich's Micro Normal This. Fucking. Game.

I was hyped when I realized Menalque was my partner in crime. I was a Mafia Neighbor Enabler (with my partner being a Goon), and I decided to crumb my exact role, just in case. The game started well enough, with both of us being Townread, and him getting into a long 1v1 which most read as a TvT fight. We also managed to out the Neighbors.

Then on Night 1 it all went wrong. We tried to kill one of the Neighbors, however our kill failed. It turned out our victim was actually a Mailman Neighbor, and that he was saved by a Doctor, and that the Doctor was followed by the Follower Neighbor. All 3 (three!!) PR's became conftown Day 2. With one VT being a very strong TR for everyone, the PoE for Day 2 was 4 people, and we were both in it.

We wanted to concede right then and there, but decided that since the game was most likely a loss anyway, we might as well go all in. In-thread, we had each other as our strongest TR's, defending each other to death and strong-pushing for the same lynches together. I even claimed Town Neighbor Enabler (4th PR claim in a Micro!) at the absolute worst possible time, and with the crumb I showed, Townies actually bought it. Our luck turned around after one Townie dropped a self-hammer when brought to L-1.

Night 2 we killed the Doctor and managed to avoid being Followed. After a short discussion, two Townies dropped a vote on one other Townie, leaving us free to quickhammer. For some 40 minutes, I was screeching in the Mafia PT, begging my partner to come online, and luckily he showed up soon. At the time, I was in class at Uni, which had no signal inside the building, so I was forced to use their crappy WiFi. To make matters worse, the Uni IP was blocked on the site, so I was also forced to use a dodgy free VPN that kept breaking every 5 minutes. Organizing that quickhammer was by far the most stressful experience I've had on site.

Micro 900: Autumnal Mafia After an absolutely atrocious Day 1 and a little bit less atrocious but still horrible Day 2 (both of which were cut short by quickhammers), 5p LyLo was reached with 4 most Townread players and the most scumread player who soon turned out to be conf!Town Friendly Neighbour. The other Townie and I managed to find each other relatively quickly, and both Days of LyLo managed to win the 1v1, with me staying up all night the day before deadline to be able to chat real-time with the FN who was in a way different time zone.

With memes, trolling by the reviewer, MS-themed pickup lines, and a game of Secret Hitler, the Dead Thread (rated PG14) was by far the best part of the game. Other than my personal PT with memes of course.


Game Comments
Calendar Mafia Hydra name: Painting Trap (hydraing with Alisae and chennisden)

I posted once, immediately got SRed over it, we killed the person SRing me, and I lurked out until the end.

Micro 905: High Noon Hydra name: Fishy Logic (hydraing with Formerfish)

Fell for the same shit I did back in 1929, and ate the nightkill for it.


Game Comments
Micro 870: Lynch Happy Had to replace out soon after it started due to RL busyness.
Newbie 1963 Replaced in due to the game having a couple of players I'd wanted to play with for a while. Then I realized they're actually a Mason pair, which meant I wouldn't have to be paranoid of them. And then I accidentally received game-compromising information and had to be force replaced. I managed to TR the entire Mafia team in the meantime, though.

Mish Mash:

Game Comments
Secret Hitler Joined in for the playerlist. Bad reads, TvT bickering, but the seat placements and the policy deck turned out to be RNG'd into Liberals' favour.