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     <td class="tg-yw4l">Mafia wins</td>
     <td class="tg-yw4l">Mafia wins</td>
     <td class="tg-yw4l"></td>
     <td class="tg-yw4l"></td>
    <td class="tg-yw4l">Survivor: The Real Theme was Inside Us All Along (with PrivateI and Cheery Dog)</td>
    <td class="tg-yw4l">Ongoing!</td>
    <td class="tg-yw4l">jk I'm back</td>
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Iprobablysuck?  More like Idefinitelysuck
[[Category: Scummers]]
[[Category: Scummers]]

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Hi. I'm a scummer. I almost exclusively play in Mish Mash at this point but every so often I play and mod Mafia games (most notably, my Timeshift Mafia series).

I'm on an unofficial hiatus of sorts due to college. I'll still play on occasion, but not nearly as much as before, and I'm still active onsite.

Played Games:

Newbie 1216

Role: Vanilla Townie

Result: Replaced in Day 1. Game was abandoned due to site crash that deleted the entire game. Played on a different account that was destroyed in the crash.

NY 144: Niiightless

Role: Red Mafia Goon

Result: Replaced in Day 5, lynched Day 7. Blue Scum win.

Mini 1344: Murder on the HMS Regalia

Role: Town Bodyguard

Result: Lynched Day 1. Scum win.

Mini 1350: Spartacus Mafia

Role: Vanilla Townie

Result: Game was abandoned by mod.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Role: Vanilla Townie

Result: Replaced in Day 1, Lynched Day 3. Scum win.

Marketplace Mafia 2

Role: Vanilla Townie

Result: Lynched Day 1. Town win.

Mini 1395: WoW Cataclysm Mafia

Role: Town Doctor

Result: Killed Night 1. Scum win.

Mini 1405: The Simpsons Mafia

Role: Town Bodyguard.

Result: Lynched Day 6, in LyLo. Scum win.

Open 446: C9++

Role: VT

Result: Lynched Day 1. Scum win. I had no interest in playing mafia at this point, being occupied with a Survivor and the above game, so I lurked through the majority of it.

Open 510: Duck, Duck, Goose

Role: Paranoid Gun Owner

Result: Lynched Day 1. Scum Win. Tried (and failed) to get back into Mafia.

Open 628: Masons and Mafia

Role: Town Mason

Result: Killed Day 6. Town win. Tried again to get back into Mafia, and it worked!

Micro 587: Maths Mafia

Role: y=x-1 (Vanilla Townie)

Result: Replaced Out Day 2, Survived. Town win. Then it immediately stopped working.

Open 666: Pick Your Poison

Role: Vanilla Townie

Result: Lynched Day 2. Scum win. Another return to Mafia I suppose? Very shoddily modded game, though, and the town ultimately lost because a town player was modkilled at MYLO for using spoiler tags and a subsequent mod error led to a scum player essentially being confirmed as town.

Micro 732: Miss List

Role: Mafia Goon

Result: Lynched Day 1. Scum win. Tried to get back into mafia again to no avail, but I did win the game it seems?

Games Modded:

Game Result Notes
Open 444: Nightless Vengeful Mayhem Town wins
CI 1411: Timeshift Mafia Mafia wins The first of four games played with the Timeshift mechanic (making all night actions Delayed by default)
Micro 148: 50/50 Mafia Mafia wins All night actions were submitted with two targets and a second, anonymous vote occurred for the lynch; a target was chosen randomly
CI 1576: Timeshift Mafia II Town wins
Survivor: Bahamas (with Snakes) Klick wins (also known as: Why RAF Will Never Happen in a Survivor Again)
Survivor: Battle of the Bands (with Cephrir) Bellaphant (as Plan B) wins (also known as: Why D3f Will Never Mod a Survivor Again)
Timeshift Mafia III Town wins
CI 2072: Timeshift Mafia IV Mafia wins
Survivor: The Real Theme was Inside Us All Along (with PrivateI and Cheery Dog) Ongoing! jk I'm back

Mish Mash Survivor

Game Character Result
Middle Earth Arwen 19th
Mario Bros D3f3nd3r (Blooper) 8th
Mass Effect Kaidan Alenko 19th
Arkham Asylum Bane 24th
Greece Gus 13th
Game of Thrones Eddard Stark 5th
Season Finale Homer 12th
Hogwarts Ollivander 21st
Conclave Ultron 12th
Hyrule Auru 18th
Names are Hard Y 15th
Expect the Unexpected Keith 11th
Pretty Super Vanilla Cookies n Cream 7th
Eon Machoke 14th
#2016 Lincoln Chafee 5th
League of Legends Kindred 8th
Medevac Island Garrett 16th
School Pete 20th
MLS DC United 10th
Civilization Harald Bluetooth 11th
Red, Purple, Green Viviana 5th


Games Played: 21

Average Finish: 14th

Merges Made: 8

Juries Made: 10

Best Finish: 5th (Game of Thrones, #2016, RPG)

Worst Finish: 24th (Arkham Asylum)