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Cult of Dog

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What is The Cult of Dog?

The Cult of Dog is the Cult Our Dear Leader Korina is the beloved and dear leader of. While some may say the Cult of Dog is just a name for a Cult Our Dear Leader Korina happens to be a part of, that simply is not the whole truth. The only person who knows what the exact definition of The Cult of Dog is, is Our Dear Leader Korina—and maybe his closest followers—however, he has never said anything else about it. The only thing we know for a fact is that any Cult Our Dear Leader Korina is a part of is merely an extension of The Cult of Dog. Apart from that, anything else known about what The Cult of Dog truly is, is either wild speculation or a bold-faced lie, with no discernable way of telling the two apart.

The Early History


Nobody really knows when The Cult of Dog was originally founded; some claim it was when Our Dear Leader Korina ran His Grand Idea uPick that The Cult of Dog became more than just an idea, while others claim it has always existed ever since Our Dear Leader Korina joined the site in 2018. The only person who can give a definitive answer to such a question is Our Dear Leader Korina, but even He is reluctant to give an answer. Instead, with a patient smile, He'll simply just pull up an image of a Dog and say nothing else. The photo speaks volumes for what He has to say—even though nobody really knows what the image means, nor what He is trying to say.

Early Days

The earliest days of The Cult of Dog are undoubtedly the most well-known point of its history. Nobody really knows why; however, Our Dear Leader Korina's journal was impeccable and documented everything.[citation needed] Most of the information known about the earliest days are simply through His journal. The rest of the history is from word-of-mouth from the Cultists; although, the history provided is very debatable and likely to be falsified.

According to His journal, The Cult of Dog's early days were very hard. Virtually none had joined, and Our Dear Leader Korina frequently debated if he should put the Cult out of its misery or keep pushing forwards:

"I know I've written this down multiple times, yet I can't ever come to an answer. Nobody has ever joined the cult... It's draining for me to keep managing something that I'm the only person in. I'm wondering if I should just disband the entire thing and put it out of its misery. Like, what would happen if I did so? Nobody would miss it, except me. Although, at the same time, what would be the harm in pushing forwards with all of this? I don't think there would be any..."

Things remained like this, and The Cult soon hit its first dark age...

The First Dark Age