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Crush Nightless

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  • Crush Nightless
Setup Size:
  • 6
Setup Type:
  • Anonymous

Crush Nightless 6p

Crush Nightless is the second Crush setup.


1 Godfather (vengeful-style)
1 Mafia Goon
1 Condemner (who is informed of his target)
3 Townies (one of whom is unknowingly the condemner's target)


  • Nightless.
  • If the target is eliminated, the game is over and the condemner wins.
  • If the godfather is eliminated, the goon dies with him.
  • Death of all mafia isn't game over; town still tries to eliminate the condemner.
  • But a final 2 situation of condemner+target is a town win.


Stats assuming random moves:
Number of days: 2.384 average
Town wins: 27.2%
Mafia wins: 30.0%
Condemner wins: 42.8%

from the post suggesting the setup by Kelly Chen


This setup has been judged to be rather broken, as there may be no resolution to a final 3 of godfather, condemner, and target. Due to the lack of nightkills, there is no possibility that the condemner has converted to town. Thus it's clear that no matter who is eliminated, only one player will win. An elimination should then only be possible when the two players eliminating the third, don't actually agree what the role of the third is.


Open 33 - (Mafia Win)
Open 37 - (Town Win)
Open 39 - (Condemner Win)
Open 47 - (Condemner Win)
Open 105 - (Condemner Win)