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Crush Mafia

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  • Crush Mafia
Setup Size:
  • 7
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Crush refers to a type of setup featuring both a lyncher and a Vengeful-style godfather.

Kelly Chen named this concept and attempted to determine the balance of several such setups. The name refers to the idea that the goon and the lyncher have crushes on the godfather and target, respectively.

The first two Crush setups have been run in the open game forum. Both but especially Crush Nightless may have a hung endgame where the three living players each need a different player lynched and no majority is possible.

Crush A

Crush A has been nominated to take signups on the open game list:

1 Mafia Godfather (vengeful-style)
1 Mafia Goon
1 Lyncher (who is informed of his target)
4 Townies (one of whom is unknowingly the lyncher's target)

Day start. Mafia can kill at night.

If the target is lynched, the game is over and the lyncher wins.
If the godfather is lynched, the goon dies with him.
If both mafia are dead following a lynch, the town wins. If the lyncher and target are both still alive, then the lyncher loses. (It follows from this that a lyncher-target final two is not a draw in this game.)
If the target is nightkilled, the lyncher (if still alive) turns into a townie.
The target only shows up as "townie" upon death, not "target." Similarly, the town isn't informed when the lyncher has turned into a townie.

Stats assuming random moves

Number of days: 1.925 average
Town wins: 35.6%
Mafia wins: 43.3%
Lyncher wins: 21.1% (plus 5.1% wins as a townie)

These figures assume that there are lynches every day, and mafia kill every night. The mod should probably decide in advance whether no lynch or no kill are permitted, as these weren't originally planned for.

Crush B

This is a (never used) name for Crush Nightless.