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Create-A-Mansion is a Haunted Mansion game created by skitzer. Instead of the mod creating a mansion with locations, the players are asked to create their own rooms.

Players and Monsters


Name HP
Blackberry 15/15
bird1111 15/15
ckillor 15/15
DragonsofSummer 15/15
Draux 15/15
Elephant Hell 15/15
farside22 15/15
Grek 15/15
hasdgfas 15/15
JordanA24 15/15
kravhen 15/15
Nemo157 15/15
OhGodMyLife 15/15
pete d 15/15
Phate 15/15
Yagami Light 15/15


Name HP
Whark 10/10