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Counting (The Game)

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Counting (The Game) is a game that tests its players' strategy skills in a test of will. It was brought to MafiaScum by somestrangeflea, and was originally meant to be a joke. It turned out to be a quite enjoyable game to the first competitors, CogitoErgoSum, Shanba, Xdaamno, and Gatorguy91. It is regularly played on ScumChat, due to its ability to be played with no prior setup.

Co-operative Game


The aim of the game is simple. As a team, players must count to as high a number as possible, following three basic rules:

  1. If any player posts the same number as a previous player, the team must start again at 1.
  2. No player may double post.
  3. Players may not play the game with a strategy created prior to playing, and players cannot communicate regarding strategy while the game is being played.


While no scoring is needed, players may wish to use the following scoring method:

Team Score = Number reached × Number of players involved2

Using this scoring method, a team of 10 successfully counting to 20 would score 2000 points, but a team of 11 counting to 20 would score 2420 points.

High Scores

Rank Players High Number Score Date
1st somestrangeflea, mole, Oman, Liamcool, Elmo 130 3250 27/01/2008
2nd crywolf20084, DeathRowKitty, Fate, KittyMo, Porochaz, quadz08, singersigner 51 2499 11/03/2011
3rd crywolf20084, Porochaz, KittyMo, DeathRowKitty, Oman, TheButtonmen 65 2340 11/03/2011
4td ChannelDelibird, crywolf20084, Porochaz, CogitoErgoSum 105 1680 02/02/2011
5th somestrangeflea, mole, Oman, Liamcool 76 1216 27/01/2008
6th somestrangeflea, Xyzzy 11 44 10/02/2008
7th Xyzzy 1 1 10/02/2008

Competitive Game


The concept of the game is the same as the co-operative game, but with a few differences:

  • Each player begins with 3 lives.
  • When a player causes what would be a "loss" in the Co-operative game, they lose a life. A player losing all their lives eliminates them from the game.
  • When a player loses a life, the previous valid poster scores a point.
  • Points are used when all but 2 players are eliminated. At this point, each player gets 1 point added to their score for each life remaining, and the player with the most points wins the game.