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Time Zone: Mountain USA.

Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Info is not up-to-date but should be accurate at the time it was captured. No longer care enough to update. Maybe that will change?

Player History

Game Moderator Role Status Won? Y/N Description
American Revolution Mafia King George III Hidden Replaced in D1 Ongoing Awesome flavor
Micro 14: Think Twice GreyICE Mafia Goon Survived Yes
Open 440: Donner Party yellowbounder Vanilla Townie Killed Yes Fun game.
Open 427: Pick Your Power X/Y Scott Brosius Mafia 1-shot Redirector Lynched D2 Yes Peta won this game for us.
Newbie 1169 Sotty7 Vanilla Townie Lynched D-2 Yes My first time as an IC.
TV Upick jasonT1981 Vanilla Townie Dead; Exact details lost to the void No
Open 338: Jungle Republic StefanB Vanilla Townie Lynched D-1 No (I think)
Newbie 1148 Vel-Rahn Koon Vanilla Townie Replaced in D-3; Killed in endgame No The last scum did a good job of coming back from her partner's lynch. The game was only 14 pages long though, so that hurt the town a bit.
Newbie 1139 havingfitz Vanilla Townie Replaced in D-3; Survived Yes I entered in lylo with two townreads leaving the scum, it was a nice change of pace.
Open 333: Carbon-14 Otolia Mafia Goon Survived Yes A fun, quick game. My partner did a good job of connecting himself to a townie.
Open 324: Ninja Mafia CSL Cop Killed N-2 No
Mini 1204: Generic Mafia theplague42 Vanilla Townie Replaced in D-1; Lynched D-2 No I was not useful at all.
Newbie 1123 el simo Doctor Killed N-2 Yes My first time as an SE, and my second favorite game.
Newbie 1116 Nobody Special Vanilla Townie Replaced in D-1; Lynched D-1 No The first game I've replaced in. It was a very engaging read. It was also the first time I was lynched and it's currently in the Top 5 longest Day Ones from newbie games (in terms of posts).
Return to Gambits (Large Theme) Empking Mafia Goon Lynched D-3 No The second time I was lynched.
Succession Mafia II (Large Theme) Mr. Flay Army Veteran Killed in Endgame No Best flavor ever!
Speed Mafia (Large Theme*) Patrick Vanilla Townie Killed N-7 Yes I think this one's my favorite so far. It had a lot of fun players and ended in my first town victory. Not that I was much help.
Cthulhu Speed Mafia (Large Theme) Empking Cthulhu Survived Yes This was very fun. And even though the game had one less player than it was designed for, I still think I did well. EDIT: Apparently I was Obvscum? This was an unfair victory.
Newbie 1094 Nexus Vanilla Townie Killed N-2 No My first game on Mafiascum. I figured out one of the mafia on night two! Night two...
  • "*"Counts as a Normal game for the above statistics despite being a Theme game.

Modding History and Stats

Game Victor Days/Nights Pages Other Statistics Notes
Open 341: My Name Is Earl Mafia 3 Days. 2 Nights. 6 PRs killed by mafia: 1 - Vanillas killed by mafia: 1 - Scum did not bus. Town accidently quickhammered town on D1, which led to the mafia quickhammering town on D2. I'm not entirely sure what was up with D3.
Micro 21: Bird 7P Werewolves 2 Days. 1 Night. 7 PRs killed by mafia: 1 - Scum did not bus. - Both scum were prodded.