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Clarity Ruleset

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This is a subset of rules for theme games that moderators can add on to their normal rules. It was designed to help minimize swing in theme games and reduce some of the vagaries of moderator preference/implementation. The idea is to give players a baseline set of information so they can focus on the mechanics of the theme without having to worry about extraneous factors that can over-complicate games.

1. Players are informed how many people receive a mafia faction role pm OR players are informed of a range of players with a mafia pm e.g "4 to 6 players have a mafia pm" maximum range is never greater than 2.

2. Players are directly told there ARE or ARE NOT 3rd parties, cults, or jesters in the game.

3. Players are informed of the possibility of mechanics influencing flip/untruthful mod actions. For this, most mods would say something like "I will never lie to you. All flips are 100% truthful." - In another circumstance it might be something like "The possibility is there to receive information from the mod that isn't 100% truthful."

4. Flips shall include the flavorname as well as the rolename (or closest equivalent found on the wiki or an explanation). Example: SpyreX, Spyspy The CoolGuy, Mafia Godfather has been lynched.

5. Lastly players are informed if the mafia DO or DO NOT have daytalk.

Example Usage

1. This is a 13p Mini Theme.
2. There are no third parties, cults or jesters.
3. The setup is 10:3.
4. This is an almost-full reveal game. Players will flip with their game title, basic role ability name and alignment, but there will be no further information on what their ability does.
4a. For example - Staeg - Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Nosy-Neighbour - Steam-Game Aligned; Local Content Deleted Pregame
5. Non-Steam Game aligned players have daytalk enabled.

Current Clarity Acolytes


Games Used

Steam Library Madness Mafia [1]