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Hi! I used to play but then I stopped and now I am back! (This is not an alt, my old account has been abandoned.)

I suck really bad at mafia so I can only get better from here :D

Games In Progress

Open 740: Hope Plus One

Moderator Role Entry Fate Outcome
BuJaber ??? Replaced in Day 1 In Progress ???

Mini 2039: uPicketyPicketyPick Mafia

Moderator Role Entry Fate Outcome
jjh927 ??? Start In Progress ???

Completed Games

Witches' Halloween Ball

Moderator Role Entry Fate Outcome
FakeGod Vanilla Townie Start Survived 2nd Dance Town Win
My first game back since 2015! My scum reads were only 1/3 which isn't great but hey, we still won. I might avoid large themes with unusual mechanics for a while, they're not at all newbie friendly and I need to relearn a lot of things.

Mini Theme 2044: BTVIII - That One Time...At Boon Camp

Moderator Role Entry Fate Outcome
Boonskiies Town Miller Start Survived Day 4 Town Win
This game was so much fun! My reads were laughably terrible yet again for most of the game, but in the end I was spot on. Us townies had some crazy good luck though, quicklynching scum PR on D1 and then successful tracking on D3. I was so nervous about rolling miller but in the end it turned out to not even matter,

Modded Games

Mini Normal 2045: Boba Tea Mafia

Setup Players Started Finished Winner
RadiantCowbells 13 ??? ??? ???