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my games

we're only counting games that started from may 1st 2019. dates given are for when the game started, not ended.

may 1st - august 1st, 2019

7/9 town, 3/3 scum.


[newbie 1930] - WIN. Town neapolitan.

[newbie 1935, REROLL] - WIN. Vanilla townie.

[newbie 1946] - LOSS. Town cop.

[newbie 1948] - WIN. Vanilla townie.


[mini normal 2076] - WIN. Town multitasking compulsive-fruit vendor compulsive-visitor.

[mini normal 2081] - WIN. Town ascetic jailkeeper.


[open 755] - WIN. Town one-shot cop. (DISCLAIMER: MULTIBALL.)

[open 761] - WIN. Town.


[Gameshow Mafia] - WIN. Mafia.

[mini theme 2077] - WIN. Vanilla mafia. (DISCLAIMER: RAS cheating ended the game early but the game was basically won at that point.)

[Guns and Roses II] - LOSS. Town night 2 rose.

[GAY DANCE] - WIN. Mafia.

august 2nd - december 30

[undertale semi-open 1.1] - WIN. Vanilla Townie.

[big four mafia] - WIN. Mafia Tracker. (DISCLAIMER: Survivor third-party present.)

[large normal 224] - LOSS. Vanilla Townie. (Played on my secret alt Tea.)


"It’s cool, I totally believe in my ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory." - Bingle, [Gay Dance.]