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Bounty Hunter

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Bounty Hunter is a game created by Gundam that is currently being tested and balanced.

Bounty Hunter For 4 players + Mod

Old west theme.

The point of this game is for a limited number of players to have something to do in scumchat ^.^. The goal of the game is for the bounty hunter to kill a random assigned target. The towns goal is to kill the Bounty hunter off before he gets to his target. The game starts at night with each player getting to take a total of two actions. The two actions that all players can take are to follow a player and to avoid a player. When they follow a player they get one piece of clothing worn. There are 4 different pieces and each player gets 3 that are pre determined. The mod, at the beginning of the game randomizes the 4 pieces of clothing into a certain order for each character, for example the sheriff's, when investigated could show a hat, a gun, and worn shoes in that game. The point of the mod randomizing is to keep the players from automatically knowing who someone is from their first item. Each players items are randomized separately to keep town from automatically knowing who the bounty hunter is. If they avoid someone they will not get a result if they followed you, for example if the sheriff's follows the bounty hunter and the bounty hunter avoided him then the sheriff's wcould not get a result. The day is an open discussion which has a vote to night, there is no elimination. The three ways to win are if the sheriff kills the bounty hunter (town win), if the whore and the bartender agree to kill the bounty hunter (town win), and if the bounty hunter kills his bounty(bounty hunter win). If the bounty hunter misses their target or the town miss-kills or miss-eliminates then the side that made the mistake loses (this means that cops cannot be terribly trigger happy. The whore and the bartender at any point in the game can send in the name of who they think is the bounty hunter to the mod, announcing your choice in channel WILL GET YOU MODKILLED. You can change your vote but don't vote/unvote repeatedly and without a good idea that your right because if you vote for the wrong person when your counterpart already is they die right then and thats game. This vote is too keep the town from being reliant on the cop, newbie cops could be a potential problem even then due to a quick kill. The day is an open discussion, you can do whatever you want, but remember, the other side can insta-kill/eliminate based on what you say.



Goal, to kill their mod assigned target class (NOT player!) Bounty Hunter - A hat, a gun, and booze. Additional Night actions: Ready gun. only needs to be done once, unless they miss while drunk and survive, then they must ready the gun again. They can not kill before this is done.


Goal, to stop the bounty hunter, permanently. Sheriff - A hat, a gun, and worn shoes. Additional Night actions: Ready gun. only needs to be done once, unless they miss while drunk and survive, then they must ready the gun again. They can not kill before this is done.


A hat, worn shoes, and booze. Additional actions: Distract. Using both actions the whore can keep another player from doing anything for that night. That player can still be killed.


A gun, worn shoes, and booze. Additional actions. Happy hour. Using one action the bartender can get a player throughly schnockered. If they try to follow someone they get an item not on the list. (hey, they were drunk) If they try to kill anyone they will miss and the action will be reported to all the players the next day. (Player tried to make a kill)