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Boilerplate Mafiascum Game Rules

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Please note that this is NOT an official mafiascum page. It is intended to make rules posts easier for games so that moderators can simply refer to a set of commonly accepted rules that all players are expected to follow, thus allowing specific rules to stand out more readily in a rules post. If a game does not specifically link to these rules, it is expected that these are not controlling.

Game Specific Rules Are Superior

In all cases, a game's specific rules overrides the information given here.

Mafiascum Rules

Sitewide rules apply:

Honesty and Cheating

  • In all interactions with the moderator, you must be honest.
  • Do not contact any player in or outside of the game about the game unless specifically allowed to by the moderator. When allowed, only do so in the specific manner allowed.
  • Do not attempt to access another player's information by technological means (such as hacking).
  • Do nothing that would be considered cheating.

Gaming the System

  • Do not quote your role PM, take a screen capture of it, etc. You may paraphrase the role PM.
  • Do not attempt to analyze the mechanics of a role PM in comparison to other players. For example, "the fourth word of my role PM is town." Or "my PM was sent at 11:23, when was yours?"
  • Do not attempt to use a system of robust cryptography, etc. Do not use small or invisible text to attempt to avoid detection.
  • Attempts to use confirmed randomness (e.g. dice tags) in a manner not specifically allowed by the moderator are forbidden.
  • Actions that involve "bets" or other outside-the-game contrivances to try to confirm a player are prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to, avatar bets, replacement bets, etc.
  • At no time should there be pre-game alliances made.


  • You are expected to be an active participant in your game. Do not flake.
  • If you know you are going to be absent a particular amount of time, post in game and PM the moderator that you will be V/LA. Please include the date you plan to be back and posting. In addition, please use the VLA feature in the User CP to indicate your vacation or limited access.


  • Each player gets a single vote to use during the day that they may change as many times as they wish to vote for any player.
  • When a majority of players are voting for an certain player, that player is "eliminated" and removed from the game.
  • Players may vote for "No Elimination." If at least half of the players vote for a "No Elimination," the day ends without an elimination.


  • No racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. language may be used.
  • Harassment of an individual player is NOT permitted. It is the nature of the game that players will be antagonistic toward each other at times. However, it should always be kept in the spirit of a game.
  • Always play to your win condition. Never sabotage your team's chances simply because you're angry at them.
  • Do not discuss ongoing games in the game.
  • Do not discuss this game anywhere else with anyone else.

The Moderator

  • The Moderator will post frequent vote counts.
  • The moderator reserves the right to alter any rule in the game including any of the rules found in this document.
  • If the moderator makes a mistake on a vote count, please address it in thread in bold.
  • PM the moderator with other concerns.
  • The moderator has the final say.