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The Road to Rome

Game 734 - Mafia Goon - Lynched Day 4 - Town Win

---Lost in Lylo. I was away for a V/LA during day three, and the beginning of day 4. And over the time my friend that replaced me did a decent job, but not enough for the town. I was lynched after a big mistake on my part. My scum partner was Vicdarippa, a lurky high school student that some how slipped through to day 3. There were no other power roles besides us.

Newbie794 - Vanilla Townie - Killed Night 1 - Town Win

I was Night Killed during night 1. I watched from the sidelines until Town won the game in Lylo, lynching the final mafia goon.

Newbie 880 - Alive - Alive - Day 1 still

First game as an IC.

New York

Open 157 - Vengeful Mafia - Vanilla - Dead - Scum win

This was a vengeful Townie game, meaning one mafia godfather, one goon, and three vengeful townies. If a VT is lynched day one, they are able to shoot someone, and kill another player. I felt that the game was going rather long, and not much was coming of it, apparently (although I was at L-1) i wasn't going to be lynched according to Battle Mage. So, i decided to do the fun thing, and self-hammer, and shoot someone. Sadly, I hit another VT. I was close, i was choosing between two players, one was VT, the other was the GOdfather, sadly I picked the VT. Game over, Town loss. Still a fun game, I enjoyed Mastin's flavor as a mod.

Mafia 106 - Killers mafia II - Night 2 - Alive

Game 95 - Quick and Dirty - Town - Killed Night 1 - Town Win

Day one, we lynched the scummiest player, he turned out to be the cop. Game went on until day day 6, where there were two vanillas left, and the Brooklyn Godfather left, ConsonantM, Cateraction, and Xylthixlm. The town game together, and overtook both mafia scum teams, Brooklyn and Bronx Mafia.

Mafia 97 - Day Night Mafia - Night Cop, Town- Dead. Killed night 5?

Game was very long. We went through two mods. The town lynched VT on day one, since then every single lynch was scum. There was only one cross kill between scum, which is what made the game so uneven. The game was symmetrical. Three scum on each team, two masons, a day and night cop, and day and night doc. Town loss. Very sad.

Mafia 100 - Vanilla Town - Vig'd day 1 - Town Win

Don't really know what happened there, I played really bad and was lynched day 1. Some how the town won! Yes! But I didn't really pay attention, so it's all good.

Little Italy

Mini 869 - Frat Party Mafia - Vanilla Town - Lynched Day 1 - Scum win

I enjoyed the flavor a lot. The game was cool until i died. the town had very bad and slow players. Scum killed them off slowly.

Open 189 - Trouble at Warren State Mental Hospital - N1

Theme Park

Bastard Mod Lovefest - Lynched Day 4? - Town - Seer - SK win

I survived 4? pretty far down down the road. It was a crazy game, I supported Mastin, and that put me in the hot seat, but I was still thought to be scum. I pushed for lynches, however, several them flipped town much to my surprise. Sadly, it ended in a SK win. Good Job Haylen!

Battle Mafia - The Ultimate Job Interview - 1 Shot NK-Immune VT - Alive - Survived till endgame - Town Win

Game went great, there was a lot of scum killed near the beginning of the game, the scum had a manipulative role where they could chose some one's alignment. Unfortunately they didn't do so great with that. Near the end we lynched Benmage, who we all thought was an Vig with a funny post restriction (he had to post only Shakespeare quotes). Turns out he was the Godfather scum. And the last scum. But the game wasn't over. There were still 4 townies alive. Vi still had her ability that enhanced players. She used it on me to verify my alignment, and give me the "kingmaker" power, where whatever my vote was, it would end the day. I voted no lynch, and the day was over. BM the mod, decided that was enough, and he ended the game there with a town victory. However the initial flavor leads to one winner, but I guess he just got bored. It was a good game, I enjoyed it alot.

Strangecoug's Bastard Mod - Naive (?) Doctor - Town - Survived till endgame

Game went well, I replaced a player that was mediocre, didn't really leave much for me. I was supposedly a doctor, that didn't really have much affect at all. I was under fire every now and then by Zazie, but somehow i lasted till the end. Town won because of the last scum doing something or other in another ongoing game regarding our game. Not sure why. But we won. Good game, it was fun.

Pick Your power - Day 5 - Shot Night 4 - Vanilla Town

Great mechanic. Game had a list of roles to choose from, and each player had to pick numbers to decide the order of choosing roles. However if the player above you picks Tracker, and then I pick tracker as well, I become a regular Vanilla Townie. So, I was 13th on the list, I picked Watcher. I did not receive what I wanted. I lasted until day 4, we killed most of the scum team by then, and now there is only one left. i was shot night 4 by Cobalt.

Coney Island

Mini 801 - Kubrick Mafia - Cop- Survived till end game

The whole game was based on the Kubrick film Spartacus. We lived the classic 'No I'm Spartacus!' fun really early in the game. They outed me before page 5. however, the mafia had to investigate the true Spartacus in order to get night kills. however, we lynched Scum day one. Then after Night 1 my powers became active. Lynched a townie day 2 for fear of mislynching a doc. Correctly targeted scum on Night 2, lynched him, and targeted Scum on Day night 3 again. Successfully won the game. It was pretty epic. Great game, I give orto props for getting scum day 1.

Mini 833 - Empire at War - Miller/Jailkeeper - Vigged, Day 1 - Scum victory

I claimed miller, because I was one. Also, i was a jailkeeper. I was excited to have a nice role, unfortunately I claimed miller. The vig didn't really agree, so I died rather fast in that game. however, it is still ongoing. I also didn't really pay attention to the game after I died. Because I wasn't really that interested in it after death being vig'd.

Mini 841 - Final Fantasy Mafia - Vanilla Town - FFII (labeled Guy) - shot N1

Game was cool, but it was modded poorly. took too long for Vote Counts and responses from the mod. i was actually glad to be shot by Kise night 1. Sorry Gorrad, but I probably will not sign up for anymore of your games.

Killed night one which was good. Cool idea i guess, but poor modding. i was glad that I didn't have to pay attention. Town won in the end. yay.

Mini 891 - British Comedy Mafia - Alive - Alive - Day 1

Ongoing games

Win/Lose Ratio

As Town

Win: 7 Lose: 3 Other: 18

As Scum

Win: 0 Lose: 1 Other: 0

As an Other Faction

Win: 0 Lose: Other: 0

Ongoing Games: 5

Completed Games: 11

(* represents one third party win.)

(1 SK win)