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Town Games

Town winrate: 12/14 = 85.7%

Lylo winrate as town: 5/6 = 83.3%

SWA: 25/36 = 69.4%

# Game Mod Entry Role Lynches SWA Exit Result Comments
1 Dragon Age ASOIAF Replaced D10 Motivator (Conf) D10 Vedith 1/1 = 100% Survived Win Replaced into lylo as conf-town and picked right. Shadow_step's predecessor was obvtown and Vedith bussed all his partners, badly. Easy choice. Oct 8 - Oct 9, 2016 (2 days).
2 Mini 1843 mhsmith0 Started Mason (Conf) D1 GreyICE 2/4 = 50% Killed N4 Loss Screwed up big on D3. Townread scum-Cloudkicker for genuine-seeming play and fake-claim. Not sure whether I would have seen through his and MariaR's scumtheater. Oct 19 - Dec 10, 2016 (53 days).
D2 Sotty7
D3 Hoopla
D4 MariaR
3 Mini 1838 podoboq Replaced D4 Ascetic D4 Boring 2/3 = 66% Survived Win Had the team figured out D1 while spectating. Second-guessed Prism due to replace out request. Lurked and let Dierfire get lynched. Tunneled nn30 until late in the 3P. Nov 14 - Dec 13, 2016 (30 days).
D5 Dierfire
D6 Prism
4 Micro 661 Creature Replaced D2 Vanilla D2 Prohawk 2/3 = 66% Survived Win Had scumteam down to 2/3 replacing in. Big screw-up; lynched Dunhallym D3. Smart played impressively but was able to convince Ms Columbo to lynch him in 3-way after a week of sleepless nights. Toughest lylo to date. Dec 14, 2016 - Jan 24, 2017 (42 days).
D3 Dunhallym
D4 SSmart
5 Mini 1861 Gamma Emerald Replaced D3 Vanilla (Conf) D3 AJTheEpic 1/1 = 100% Killed N3 Win Nailed all three scum upon replacing in as conf-town, lynched the biggest threat. Other two lynched after I was NK'd. Jan 5 - Jan 18, 2017 (14 days).
6 Mini 1874 Leonshade Replaced D1 Vanilla D1 keyenpeyd 2/3 = 66% Survived Win D1 self-hammer before I caught up. Caught 2/3 of the scumteam on D2 and lynched them. N3, I thought it was massive over Sensfan but vig ended the game. Feb 6 - Feb 22, 2017 (17 days).
D2 Sickofit
D3 Fykus
7 Open 674 Tenshii Replaced D1 1X PGO D1 Hawk 2/3 = 66% Survived Win Correctly lynched two scum but they bussed well D1 and D2. Second-guessed townread on obvtown ouotoforder but last scum hit PGO. Feb 25 - Mar 22, 2017 (26 days).
D2 hapahauli
D3 outoforder
8 Newbie 1784 Mini DeathStar Replaced D1 Tracker (conf) D1 Drixx 2/2 = 100% Survived Win Caught Drixx D1 based on Pine's posting. Loopdan fooled me until Alisae replaced him and I reassessed. Apr 8 - Apr 23, 2017 (16 days).
D2 Alisae
9 Newbie 1789 mhsmith0 Replaced D3 1X BP (conf) D3 Acctant 1/2 = 50% Endgamed Loss I couldn't solve this game in mylo and voted wrong. End of six game long town win streak. May 19 - Jun 11, 2017 (24 days).
D4 nancy
10 Newbie 1797 ThinkBig Replaced D2 Vanilla D2 Drixx 1/2 = 50% Lynched D3 Win* Too many fascinating insights here but my worst towngame so far. *I didn't deserve this win. Jun 13 - Jul 5, 2017 (23 days).
D3 BlackVoid
11 Mini 1921 Alchemist21 Replaced D2 Vanilla D2 Dunker 3/5 = 60% Survived Win Mixed game. Nailed Dunker/Boon as scum upon replacing in, lynched Dunker and Boon was guiltied. Played badly from then on pushing for a Transcend investigation, tunneling Mulch and townreading Projectmatt until mylo. But Creature and Transcend trusted me in mylo. Jul 13 - Aug 10, 2017 (29 days).
D3 Boonskiies
D4 gerryoat
D5 Mulch
D6 projectmatt
12 Newbie 1815 Alisae Replaced D2 Vanilla D2 Dr Pepper 2/2 = 100% Survived Win Amazing game overall. Wrongly scumread JaeReed but correctly guessed scumteam after he claimed and gamesolved well. Aug 27 - Sep 18, 2017 (23 days).
D3 Osuka
13 Mini 1942 Kunkstar7 Replaced D4 1X BP (conf) D4 Keychain 2/2 = 100% Survived Win Ridiculously townsided setup so was easy despite scum playing well. Suspected Nosferatu for a bit but came around. Sep 30 - Oct 16, 2017 (17 days).
D5 IAmInocent
14 Mini 1968 jjh927 Started Double Voter D1 Fykus 2/3 = 66% Survived Win Hydra with skitter30 as Wormhole. Could have done better D1 but our reads and POE really came together D2. One of the easier wins due to lurky scumteam. Dec 13, 2017 - Jan 11, 2017 (30 days).
D2 McMenno
D3 Fishythefish

Games not counted (SWA when counting games #4 and #5: 65.7)

1. Open 680: Replaced in D1, abandoned due to mod error. Didn't lynch anyone.

2. Newbie 1793: Replaced in D1, replaced out D1. Didn't lynch anyone.

3. Micro 720: Replaced in D2, lynched Slimer (town) D2, Wisdom (scum) D3, survived & won but due to mod error, 1/2.

4. Newbie 1813: Replaced in D1, lynched LQ (town) D1, replaced out D2, 0/1.

5. Newbie 1826: Replaced in D2, lynched CheekyTeeky (town) D2, replaced out D3, 0/1.

Scum Games

Scum Winrate: 3/4 = 75%

Survival rate: 3/4 = 75%

# Game Mod Entry Role Lynches Exit Result Comments
1 Newbie 1742 mhsmith0 Replaced D2 Goon D2 Huntress Survived Win The IC Accountant 1v1'd another town player Huntress and I quickhammered her before she could claim town BP. 5-way lylo was easy. Sep 27 - Oct 6, 2016 (10 days).
D3 hinanawiscarlet
2 Mini 1871 podoboq Replaced D1 Goon D1 nn30 Survived Win Newbie setup with each person in a neighborhood with two others. Didn't get a chance to do much there since the town was so inactive. Easy game. Jan 21 - Feb 11, 2017 (22 days).
D2 SlySly
D3 HumanSeqncer
3 Micro 706 Nexus Replaced D2 Goon D2 Not_Mafia Survived Win The post restriction was fun but mountainous 7:2 setup and free mislynches from Not_Mafia made this easy. Suspected Not_Mafia and Gin/Umlaut pre-replace-in. May 08 - May 17, 2017 (10 days).
D3 GammaEmrld
4 Newbie 1795 Penguin Power Replaced D3 RB D3 Papa Zito Lynched D4 Loss This game was probably winnable despite my partner's and predecessor's play but work schedule didn't allow me to give it my best shot. Jun 02 - June 21, 2017 (20 days).
D4 BlackVoid